WT || KV 220 – Advertising the Red Devil

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The KV 220 has a reputation for being OP. Is that true and is it worth 800 $ that it was sold once on the War Thunder Market?

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LaGG Productions says:

I just find it funny how greedy Gajin is being. The charge you initially for buying GJN coin to just get into the market to buy virtual items and then also take 15% of those coins you just paid for when purchasing said item

geronimonimo nimo says:

weeeeeellll… it was their fault at the start. A T-34-85 could have done this just as well. It's only when it gets shot at in the hull that it starts to trigger people.

解TK says:

This game last for so many years. I would say they are reaching this so called "Harvest" phase of a free to play game when they start to push you to spend money. We will ended up with a game completely shut down within 3 years and gaijin can start this all over again. Another title, another free to play game. At least this is how "free to play" is like in many other cases. I will be super glad if i am wrong, but consider what we had before and gaijin's poor re-balance abilities i cant see the hope. Basically they sell you some super strong tanks with bugs and apologize and correct it after a year, then they move on to make another…….

M Smith says:

I finally saw you in a match the other day Napalm, I was approaching a capture point on Cologne and I had an enemy to my left rear, another to my right and a British enemy in front. The tank in front was bobbing forwards and backwards like he was trying to get me to take a shot and hopefully miss. I've only seen one guy perform this in / out maneuver, yourself 🙂 My brain registered this for a very brief second before I had to make a choice – get shot in the back or try and reach cover in the cap circle. I didnt make it..lol but I'm glad ( I guess ) that it was you who took my scalp and not some nobody. Well played sir o7
P.S Paying for content in a free game seems idiotic to me, I just hope people will keep their wallet in their pocket and therefore go some way to making this introduction a failure for Gaijin. However it will probably be a case of "shit in one hand and wish in the other, you will see which one fills up first"

London Gordon says:

That intro was so dirty

Bryan Hilton says:

Blah blah fuck war thunder bye butch. No dollars for you. Peace out mofos Balance your bottom line when your players desert. Fag shit gaijob bullshit. Hoe ass Russians.

Bryan Hilton says:

The free to play pay to win model is so tired. Just stop complaining about balance and all that bullshit. They are in business to make money. But the model is faked. Sorry not paying that much for pixels. Fuck off bye

Fuh Duh says:

Oh boi, russian tanks are so effective, how come they didn't conquer the whole world yet?

NikolaiSlapabitch says:

Love this tank in 5.7 games it dose struggle in uptiers however. Have had a many of good days just casually taking this thing and getting a 5.7 game in arcade and just 1 playing well but getting 23-35 kills. It is the best 5.7 Heavy tank in game I would say however it’s definitely killable if you just aim. Honestly it’s armor is very comparable to just a tiger H1 but in the hand of a good player is much better I believe it should stay extra rare as a reward for the ppl who actually worked very hard to get these

flinchfly57 says:

That intro is the poster child for German 5.7 teams. Even with what looks like the perfect matchmaking they claim is so rare, they still die horribly because of the complete lack of situational awareness. Not their fault though of course. Must be because the Tiger sucks!

Caleb J says:

People have been accusing me of pay to win because I have a KV-220. They look at my stats for it and say "because you haven't been in a lot of battles with it you had to have bought it". #1 It doesn't fit my play style, #2 I got it in the summer event, and #3 I'm a collector and don't play those tanks allot. P.s. the people who are complaining about this tank either don't know or don't remember when it had a BR of 5.3, it was a real seal clubber back then.

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