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Watch the top most viewed singers auditions around the world 2018 on Got Talent Global. Were they the best auditions?? Let us know in the comments below…

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Nokwanda Xolile says:

BLINDED FOLDED GIRL…….SHE TOOK ME higher……..didn't understand the words but i listened, i heard……the emotions were just……….. i understood it was beautiful… found myself crying. yeses!!!!!!!!!!

Hacker Expérimenté says:

The grandma and the kid are incredible !

Kayla Ironstar says:

Ok i think the girl with the blindfold & Osma were my fav

Gwendolyn Alcantara says:

Wow awesone lil girl..

Ahmed Ali says:

Wow jast wow

David Widén says:

can someone translate the one who was blindfolded?

Claire Barnett says:

I would very much appreciate learning the person's name and in which show/season they were contestants. I'd like to see more of their performances.

Sufiya :p says:


Jacob Roberts says:

What was the blindfolded singer singing about? What language was it?
In what language was the young child in the green shirting singing?

Julian Musicpage says:

Can anyone translate what the girl at 11:00 was saying?

Yodad says:

OSMAN! <3 Cheers from Sweden!

Atit gyawali says:

I want to say a biigggg wow for Jony Ramos

Brenda Estrella says:

From Ecuador I say Hola


Here at 680

Mushroom21 // Svampen21 says:

Osman at 14:52 (from Sweden, Talang) is sooo bad! I'm from Sweden, and i cringe when i see that, he sings so much bad things too xD

Sanjay Rai says:


Louco por Tudo says:

Aaaaaa Oh my God

Michael Vechnak says:

seems like English but not sure!

rajni nagesh says:

I was 49th veiwer

Katarína Bieliková says:

Osman my life

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