Top 10 Materials That Seem To Defy The Laws Of Physics

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Some new found materials are so amazing, they seem to defy the laws of physics. Don’t believe me? Keep watching to find out some of the most amazing substances and materials on earth!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Materials and Substances That Seem To Defy The Laws Of Physics! Terminator polymer – Cut this polymer with a razorblade and it will glue itself back together in a matter of hours! Hydrophobic materials.You may have used waterproof spray on a tent or on your shoes or boots but then, when it really buckets it down, it tends to fail pretty quickly! Gallium – Gallium is one of only four metals which are present as liquids at temperatures near-room temperature. Smart bendable wood – Wood will always be a premier building material due to it’s beautiful aesthetic qualities and versatility. Vantablack – Have you ever considered how some blacks look much, much darker than others? One of the darkest places on Earth might be inside a deep cave but now, we can view super-dark blacks above the earth’s surface.

Line-x – Smart materials in cans – it’s a big theme in the 21st century and Line-x’s spray paint offers a method of making virtually any object far more durable by simply coating it in a spray. Super cooled rubidium – So here’s a material which really does seem to defy physics – specifically Newton’s second law of motion. Hydrogels – Some advanced hydrogels are mechanical metamaterials which flows like liquids, meaning they can be poured into cavities. Starlite – Starlite is by far the most mysterious material on this list. Firstly, it wasn’t produced by any scientist but instead by an amateur inventor named Maurice Ward who was a forklift driver and ladies hairdresser from Blackburn, UK. Aerogel and SF6 Gas – When aerogels were first developed in the 1960s they were seemingly strikingly defiant of traditional material physics with extremely low densities and extremely low thermal-conductivity.


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Hydrogel is really good, I've used it when it was in burn plasters. Because of the way it works, you can actually heal from some small and deep burns without scarring badly.

KittyChanU2 says:

Why is the black hole the exception to black holes. How do they know? Doesn't make sense you would think it would be like the others

KittyChanU2 says:

With Line x and starlite one could make a lot of stuff

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Ayyy mah boi Maurice!

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Can i put line x on my fist?

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It's good that sf6 is not commonly available, because it's potentially deadly if used improperly. Being denser than air it'll sink in your lungs and suffocate the user unleast he goes upside down so the gas can be removed entirely

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Add "inert" to the list of things this guy can't pronounce.

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I'm a critic from hell butvI love these uninformative videos. Good narrating as well.

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Inb4 scientists screw up and blow up the world.

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Use sulfur hexafloride in gas chambers, suffucation because its so dense

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NeverWet is alien technology… the rest probably could be as well but we’ll never know…

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This Video i watched Top 10 Materials That Seem To Defy The Laws Of Physics that saying the elements

Frederick Toms says:

Somewhat baffled by your use of the indefinite when describing Maurice Wards invention – or, more accurately, discovery. 'Starlight' was, provably, tested by NASA, the French Institute of Science and a plethora of other renown scientific bodies.
The biggest problem for Maurice was that the constituents came from a number of already patented products, combined in several ways – and he had neither the financial resources nor the training to determine the exact chemical makeup of the final product.
This led him to the false conclusion that he had to sell the product 'as is' – i.e, as a specific method to production – Not it's chemical formula (which he couldn't determine for the reasons given above).
Large industry were sceptical of his claims – and his unwillingness to give even small amounts for analysis – but after many verification's of its properties eventually became convinced.
From that point on the problems lay with Maurice's' ignorance of patent law, his outright paranoia – and his greed.
He never shared the techniques he'd used to create Starlight – not even with his family – and when he died, Starlight died with him – the tale is a true testament to a mans greed and paranoia.

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So the 2nd could save us from a nuclear war or at least increases the chance of us surviving?

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Please be more careful with your words, it's not black, it's African American!!!

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