Most Savage Sports Highlights on Youtube (Volume 1)

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I do these videos ever year or so, they are basically videos that I’ve done over the course of the last year edited together to create one super edit. – Please support this channel on Patreon for exclusive content. We need your support to continue onwards. Thanks.

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Timothy Howard says:

wow. best highlight real ive ever seen.

james sanders says:

Ok the first highlight off the bat is a set up. That's a muffed tackle. The kind you do at practice we you don't want to kill your teammate just saying

Soggy Sandals says:

Please do stuff on rugby

Epic spaceman702 says:

Nice vid do another one but with gaming moments

Oliver Davidsson says:

Sooo sick edit! This is some next level professional shit right here

Ryan Luna says:

And to think that the Vikings got there asses handed to them by the PHILADELPHIA EAGELS!!!! FOLES FOLES FOLES


Mandatory Brady Moment “(insert) Brady Kissing his Son”

Proto Man says:

I was glued.

Derrick Brown says:

The Ali flashback was worth a million thumbs up….thanks

CJ the boss says:

I’m pretty sure every comment is pinned, because they are all true…. awesome video! The editing is movie worth. You should be proud. Great Job!

Quackson says:

Donovan Mitchell's rookie season please

Sudipta Chandra says:

Roger Federer should be in the next volume

Robert Martinez says:

These weren't really that savage just iconic

GragasHyper says:

vikings win
eagles destroy the score board

Oozywolf says:

Needs some Carson Wentz plays. Had defenders missing tackles like they were in slow-mo

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