Measuring and Managing the Global Economy

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International business opportunities often depend upon the economic conditions of a given country, but how do you determine the health of an economy? This video identifies how wealth is created, what determines economic output, and inflation effects business.


Nicci Scott says:

I am a MBA student and Henleys and I have to admit that your videos are clear and coherent. They have reinforced my understanding of the workshops, in fact they have provided clarity. Thank you.

Vanessa Ikebudu says:

Your videos are absolutely amazing!!!! So engaging and well explained. Thank you 😀

Huỳnh Thế Phi says:

Hi Shad Morris, i love you videos, I'm From Vietnam. I am also learning International Business, can I ask for you clips and translate into Vietnamese.? For education purpose only, and I think this can increase followed on you page. I'll credit you work at my description. . I'm a also a Vietnamese Voice Actor. Hope to hear from you Shad!

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