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Hey Everyone!
As some as you may know, I am a Graphic Designer. I majored in it and I love it! It’s a huge part of my life and I want you all to be a part of it. These things inside my backpack are things I couldn’t leave my apartment without!

A part of my video cut out where I am explaining about the blades for your xacto’s and why they are essential! So sorry!

Hope you all enjoy!

Love ya!

IG: andreamargot
Twitter: TheAndreaMargot


Damian Arroyo says:

loved this !!! btw would u say graphic designers make enough money to be financially independent ? I looked it up on google and found out they only make around 47k which worries e bc I would love to be a gd but idk if 47k is even enough to support myself ://

E A says:

Is that backpack waterproof

Joe Sanchez says:

Our u doing video's

andrea custodio says:

lol im also a graphic designer and my name is Andrea too

dominique007 says:

Do you have veneers

EmilyBeatriz says:

I wanna apply for graphic design do you have to know how to draw?

Helene Hr says:

Where did you get the text book tho? "How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul?"

Alex Mendez says:

Hi Andrea. I have about 7 ideas for videos. Do you have an email where I can send you the ideas? Guys like me would definitely be interested in these ideas. Thanks for reading.

DonYelle and Diana says:

so many adapters for the new macbooks lol
loved the video and can't wait for more graphic design videos

Andrew Artiga says:

good video keep up the great work.

Juan Rojas says:

Awesome video keep up the good work

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