Updates In Lyme Disease March 2017

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TruthCures says:

Thank you. Your comments about presenting to the ER as "septic" and being immunosuppressed are spot on. However, what people really need to understand is that that immunosuppression is permanent (i.e. "post sepsis syndrome," plenty of literature exists) in the chronic form of the disease. So the primary concern is no longer with trying to kill spirochetes via long term antibiotics, but how to deal with global immunosuppression, as well as cross tolerance as described by Baumgarth et al. Steere and Duray published in the late 1980s that the disease was perilously close to cancer and that the B cells looked like Reed-Sternberg cells. See truthcures.org for more data.

Tania Sedano says:

Amazing lecture! Thank you for sharing this video.

Shadowvail says:

Great video. The only thing I'd disagree with that she said, is that herbals can't be used to "cure" the disease. Simply to suppress it. It really depends on a case by case basis. The man she refers to in this presentation, Steven Buhner, has proven that through herbal supplementation (tinctures/capped herbs), you can in fact cure lyme and co-infections. I'm currently on his protocol and it has helped me in so many ways. It just takes time, patience, and understanding of your own personal symptoms and reactions. There is no one size fits all treatment for most chronic cases.

ron rupska says:


Rhyme Disease says:

Anthrax- why this is being reported on compared to accurate info on Lyme is erroneous on the CDC's behalf. Lyme disease IS a serious problem. Many family members and friends have been infected. Also many people are diagnosed with chronic illness that are suspect for Lyme disease and they don't even know that is the cause because the approved tests are flawed. It's a shame we can't do more definitive testing for people with chronic pain,fatigue, autoimmune. We need healthcare that is science-based.

war on muhammed news says:

im covered in permanant stretch marks but im fat

war on muhammed news says:

man i live in maine ive been having all kinds of symptoms over he past 2 years bu they(the drs) just blame it on cronic illnesses ive had im dying and cant get any help

karen coe says:

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MamaGato3 says:

parasites as well

Wonder Woman says:

I love that she is not the typical doctor in that she does not just shut down options, open minded, REALISTIC!! We need more doctors like this in general!! Majority of Conventional doctors are so clueless because either full of themselves or not really about truly being a healer, “McDonald’s doctors” I call them, because they do not use thier brains, they literally rely on thier computer to diagnose (like we do our own research) and limited diagnostics. If you don’t fit into one of thier “diseases” or nothing shows up in testing…they head to depression, “it’s all in your head!”, psychosomatic, etc…Kills people already fighting for thier lives!! And feeds those family & friends who already are giving you a hard time…

Kathleen Gustafson says:

Right, ticks, spiders, biting flies, lice and mosquitoes are now known to carry these diseases. The reservoir animals like rodents are really important to address and encouraging predators like fox, owls as well as dealing with exploding deer populations. I have read that you can see the spirochete in urine. If this were true it would be cheap and easy. Unfortunately it seems diagnostics has shifted to more technical assays and less laboratory technicians staining and making a slide and visualizing the microbes. As far as Steere is concerned, Dr Alan MacDonald’s work shows absolutely Lyme persists long after treatment ends. MacDonald detects living Lyme spirochete in the autopsied brains of patients! A whole bunch of ill-informed doctors who miss diagnose or undertreat set us up for a life time of suffering. Why do we treat Lyme different than other microbial diseases. The docs wouldn’t even think of cutting off treatment for a TB patient until the patient was cured, even if it takes months or years. With Lyme, medicine says your done after a few weeks of too low a dose of doxycycline. Shame! Former microbiologist with Lyme.

Nancy Stone says:

That is a great video; it explains a lot. If you are still having problems with your son, please go to lymephotos, look at the photos and explanations, and just maybe you would like to increase the salt and vitamin C intake of your son or any patients still suffering. Again, good job.

TorturedSoulster says:

She actually believes in Steere and global warming. That's enough for me. Next . . .

steve cornock says:

Everyone has to bring up ticks…..it was mosquito in my case

maddog says:

if you have a pet, you have some terrible parasite! period!

finnibert lunchiken says:

Really one of the best explanations of what Lyme disease is, . how it affects the body and how to treat it effectively. What a knowledgeable and effective communicator this woman is on the subject. Just amazing.

graceellenangel says:

Thank you so much for putting this on YouTube. I have had severe chronic Lyme and Cowan connection with for 11 years. The first eight years I could not feed myself, my back was hunched over, and I can't only scooch to the bathroom. Of course, there were many other symptoms that went along with this. I've had oral anabiotic's, IV anabiotic's, posting articles, and I am still extremely debilitated. I cannot do much of anything, and I am starting my 12th year of this j ourney. My neck and entire back are in intense pain. I have the busier and Bartonella. If you have any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I commend you for trying to bring more awareness about Lyme disease. It is definitely necessary, and I appreciate your work.

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