Autopsy shows Stephon Clark was shot in the back

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Lawyers for the family of Stephon Clark held a press conference Friday in Sacramento to release the findings of an independent autopsy. Clark, 22, was unarmed when he was shot by police March 18. Forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu said he found a total of eight gunshot wounds on Clark’s body — including six in his back.


50 Yachts says:

this idiot is talking all over the bloody thing

Landon's PointOfView says:

Keep shooting blacks, nobody cares about them

Master of Sales says:

Firstly; shouldn't be running and 'looking' suspect if you're innocent, secondly, don't run from the damn cops!

Robert Royce says:

Damn… in the back..

Sofia Ruha says:

The palm Beach County sheriff department annual cost of operation is over 500 million dollar the police is continued to be militarized at the cost of tax payers we have a military surplus passing not just tactical weapons gear but many many things if the police think that civilians are the enemy like in a combat they pick and choose just like they did in this case.

ron l says:

He dindu nuffin. They never do nuffin.

Hakim Saleem Suck on Deez says:

Cowards usually have their backs to ya!

Kevin H says:

From the helicopter video we could clearly see that he was facing the police and advancing forward. That’s when Stephon was shot (first two bullets) and the rest was when he was already on the ground. So no, unless they could prove the sequence in which the bullets entered his body, it doesn’t tell us much.

Not to mention that explains why most bullet wounds were found on his right side, in agreement with the police’s location.

Garth Stewart says:

These pigs shot him in the back? This is why Dallas happened; the pigs bring it on themselves! Clean up your act pigs! Nobody hates firemen?

Volk isch says:

If Obama had a son, he would have looked like Stephon Clark… Lmao

solice8844 says:

Black cop shot a black man. Blacks are racist against themselves, apparently, using the black definition of racism.

King Tavarius says:

I hope the family gets $1M for each bullet wound

BernieYohan says:

Don’t talk over him.

Groping Führer says:

Those white iPhones can be just as deadly as any AR-15, and make these race soldiers fear for their lives.

Father Time says:

He was shot 20 times so I'm pretty sure a bullet went everywhere but let's just concentrate on the propaganda we can put out.

Sinjinbin 64 says:

Check dudes Rap sheets.

Carlino Carl says:

The video doesn’t work

George Kaler says:

I couldn't tell actually what it was about because of technical difficulties but I am curious for the reason that he was shot so many times in the back if I'm not mistaken I heard them say no weapon was found? As far as I can decipher he did something wrong supposedly and ended up running from the police? In the police shot him 6 times in the back. He's already did something really messed up or he just found out some individuals have fast trigger fingers. Try to make a video that has all of the facts, and no technical difficulties. That's how misunderstandings start. Get the point?

Tom Rogers says:

Wrong! The helicopter video proves he was moving towards the cops when hit by first shot, then fell face down and sideways to rest of shots.

Shilonious Monk says:

Fake. As usual. Just another staged show with lotsa words…and no credible photos…all garbage…all actors…

Ari Goldstein says:

If you attempt home invasion, run from the cops, do not listen to their commands, and face them in a shooting stance with your cell phone pointed like a gun than your own death is your own fault.

Animated Tigress says:

Could they have gotten someone who spoke better English to explain the shots?

MTB4miSoul says:

Dog the bounty hunter has caught worse criminals with just paintball guns….i say give PD paintball guns too

Ari Goldstein says:

If you attempt home invasion, run from the cops, do not listen to their commands, and face them in a shooting stance with your cell phone pointed like a gun than your own death is your own fault.

Daryl Leckt says:

its not a race war.
its a class war.
cops never shoot people further up the social economic ladder then themselves.
cops are taught they are superior to those they shoot.

"… teach children to police their parents.
teach the police to be the army.
teach the army to be the death squads".
Adolf Hitler

Mark W. says:

…and the front. Not a quick learner, was he?
Ooh ooh, aah aah, screech.
Ooga booga, waaaaaaaah!

K B says:


Zechariah 11:5-7 King James Version (KJV)

5 ▶Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty:◀ and they that sell them say, Blessed be the Lord; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

Sargon of Dolezal says:

He of the sacred skin hath been slain. I wonder what the left's outrage du jour will be next week.

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