Trump claims Amazon doesn’t pay taxes and is abusing US postal system

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Amazon’s stock took a hit after a report that regulations may be coming.


Jacob Monroe says:

Tax them! God bless president trump! MAGA

SwagDolphinFTW Quantekk says:

There is no way amazon paid 957mil in taxes.. Publix pays 900mil a year in taxes and is noooooo where near Amazons gains..

Sumwhr Ntym002 says:

When is Rump going to show us his Taxes. He has bragged that he’s too smart to pay taxes.

SungkyFlipbook-Animation says:

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Jews gone wild

Alang says:

Ha ha! Spank Donald did not pay his tax! And refused to show his tax returns.


Yeah figures. I don't shop with them

Erin Thorkildsen says:

Wait, they ship TONS of stuff via the US Mail, USPS, and Amazon is abusing the post office as a free delivery service? That’s their JOB! Amazon pays the standard rates! If I were Amazon, Jeff Bezos, I’d just say no more using USPS. Just to be clear, the president of the USA just dis'd one of the biggest customers of the post office, to "help" the post office? Not paying taxes? When I buy something from amazon that is shipped within the state, I PAY TAXES! The law that you don’t have to pay a states sales tax if you don’t do business in that state is a FEDERAL LAW! So Trump is saying the government is responsible for not charging taxes and he is the head of the government. LOL!

Paul Smith The Republican says:

He didn't even say that so Fake News

ramo moreno says:

trump went broke 6 times his 7th will be the U.S ,trump owes so much $$$ what is he not paying with

Odious Ktenology says:

Love the people pointing their fingers at trump because he “only paid” 38 million in taxes.

That’s what the government wanted. He paid what they asked him to pay.

The fuck is wrong with you animals? Do you throw your money at the government when not asked? Do you go to the irs and give them money they never asked you to pay?

Shut the hell up you dumbasses. Seriously.

KainetheWusky says:

What did amazon do to you? Didn't get your anal cream in two days?

sharon nagle says:

Everything Trump says has something wrong with it. He's already been fact checked for those tweets, which are mostly untrue. And yes, what about his tax paying record?

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