Putin slams ‘criminal negligence’ that led to deadly Kemerovo inferno

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Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the ‘criminal negligence” and corruption behind the tragedy in Kemerovo, Russia, where more than 60 people, including many children, perished in a massive blaze. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/91xt

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David Dothager says:

if Putin is smart, he will not involve Russia, in a war with God. Israel is there, because God wants it there. And it is not going away. I pity those who think it might.

Thamus Jones says:

In the west there would be a cover up, in Russia those responsible will be shitting their pants because they know they will be hunted down and dealt with.

I love me I love me says:

Can be one accident but Russia be more caution with terrorism

霊祥院一人 says:

元はゲルマン民族~ アングロサクソン系+スラブ民族~( ^ω^)・・・(♡)

Joao Cruz says:

greetings from Portugal and our grief for the victims.

العراقي ا says:

У России есть одна проблема: ее политика очень слабая и создает напряженные отношения со своими странами. Это правда, что Россия обладает огромным военным оружием, но у нее нет правильной политики в том смысле, что России нужна политическая улыбка и приятное, мягкое и улыбающееся лицо, особенно с Западом. Суровое лицо России заставляет страны далеко от нее, Россия должна знать, как действовать, чтобы не потерять силы и силы …
Российские политики не смеются, и это ошибка, которая требует улыбки, чтобы открыть двери сотрудничества с государствами

Katrina G says:

I express my deepest condolences from Poland to the Russian Nation and the Families whose Beloved and Dearest Ones lost their lives in this tragedy. The heart aches and tears can't stop running. God, please, bless all these souls and give them care and protection in your world.

Jeannie Van Biljon says:

Mr Putin President.
I ask you for help in S A.
Please in Our Almighty Father Yahuah Name.

Musique Bombarde says:

Why didn't someone open the security doors from the outside of the building ???

Jordan Hendren says:

Putin is upset that he is still gaping wide open from all the time Obama spent fucking him up the ass. He lashes out because his daddy (Obama) isn’t there to scold him anymore. Now his new daddy (Trump) just wishes Putin would like him so he tries really hard but now that Putin has had the BBC, Trumps little fists just can’t fill that gaping hole left by Obama.

amin b says:

the only criminal negligence i see is by putin

xx D3V xx says:

Seeing lots of these shootings and massive death rates in the U.S I was kinda nervous. Now it’s becoming more common worldwide, now I’m scared. This world man…

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