Going Nuclear – Nuclear Science – Part 4 – The Incredible Shrinking Warhead

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After WWII work continued on improving the technology behind the Gadget, and through a series of innovations the massive design was improved upon. Some were made more powerful, others were made smaller and eventually the first steps towards harnessing fusion were taken.

The B61 “Dial A Yield’ image was from Martin Pfeiffer’s blog:

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Danish Aheer says:

This video was atomically good. I'm subscribing because your channel is a fusion of science and gaming.

Jane Gallagher says:

The mark 3 looked best.

Scoobroid says:

Came for KSP. Stayed for the science. You got another sub Manley. Great stuff!

Vicki Bee says:

Are 'we' going to talk about photon weapons?
INEFFICIENT?! I think the people in that city they dropped it on would highly disagree.

Rymdiz97 says:

3.31 if you wonder what language that is, it's swedish. We were very cloce to getting nuclear weapons, but for some reason they didn't continue. They even built a nuclear reactor for the bomb that was never used.

DainBramaged 4Lyf says:

One physicist claimed that a grenade sized device could be created but who would be the unlucky sod to pull the pin and throw it.

michaelemouse1 says:

What's the point of variable yield nukes? If you're using nukes, you're way past worrying about collateral damage.

twistedyogert says:

You should talk about reactors.

Alexander Wingeskog says:

This channel most be number 1 in North Korea… Rockets and Thermonuclear bombs…

Edit, please don't tell them how to use triangulation or GPS/GLONASS whatever… then I will be IRL fall out boy… 🙂

Now listen here cunt, says:


Will to Power says:

I'd contest that even though the information is classified, it's definelty not hidden.

rothschild war bank says:

The Sampson option: israels promise to destroy the world with nukes in cities worldwide if we get tired of their warmongering and attack tel aviv.

Salvatore Shiggerino says:

I wonder how they make these core parts. Just chuck up a big hunk of plutonium in the lathe?

David Micheletti says:

Love your channel. Your explanations of how these processes work are very good. Keep up the great work

Orella Minx says:

Calls air boring as it proceeds to slowly oxidize everything around and including him. Suck on those free radicals, hater D:

enderjack says:

Im supprised your not on an fbi watch list now.

Colin Bacon says:

That 6 inch warhead probably would have worked for the Orion spacecraft.

Skywise SF says:

Wow, Scott…this series is amazing! (and also rather frightening) Thank you for putting this together. That last device you were showing with the oval-shaped pit looked like it was the size of an artillery shell. Do you think a device like that could have been stable enough to deploy with long-range artillery?

tom duke says:

cheesus, to think even light cruisers could fire nukes out of their 152mm guns….. if you could find a way to make them not blow up in the barrel.. 😉

Ben Quinney says:

If your’e on a no fly list

Mgrow says:

Surely if you select 'Low Yield' you detonate a disgustingly dirty weapon??

out4space says:

Thanks and just wanted to annotate, that you intro is so much louder than you speak or the games you play. I always have to adjust volume for your videos and mostly jump, because I forget about tuning down when your next video is out :/

Serious Cyrus says:

Love your vids, but something has been bothering me for ages each time i see you doing the face on vids. What is that spaceship on the shelf on your right? I know it but just can‘t place it, and it‘s driving me up the wall.

nagualdesign says:

You should have had one last clip at the end where there was a knock at the door, followed by the men in black dragging you away as you yell, "I'M SCOTT MANLEY! FLY SAFE!" and then the camera gets knocked over.

Joking aside, it's incredible how ingenious these warmongers can be. Great video, Scott.

Gregoryderpwrld 1 says:

Hey the thumbnail is a beta fatman

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

500kt from a fission only device is difficult. Obviously, the major hurdle is reaching critical assembly of enough fissile material before the device starts blowing itself apart. A photo of Theodore "Ted" Taylor would be appropriate here. He designed the damn thing, and was responsible for many nuclear weapons designs.

Notice how gleeful and vapid the "scientists" faces are as they stand next to these damn things. As always, I learn something new with each installment in this series. I did not know that yields of 10's of kilotons was possible from 6 inch shells.

When you do the full thermonuclear lecture, I hope you cover the W88 weapon, I've yet to see any photographs of its innards, only plausible drawings which no doubt omit important stuff. Thank you Mr. Manley.

chalo colina says:

You forgot to mention Israel, the shadiest criminal member of the nuclear club. And that's counting NK!

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