Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment

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Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment
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Kathy Paaaina says:

Aloha thank you for all this info you get right to the points bless you

Cynthia Barruga says:

The more cancer patients,,, the more millions and billions of money can make all the doctor's really rich..

Gabrielle Stargel says:

Oh give me a break. This should be illegal for you to say these things

truthsout says:

It was Vernon's son that set about helping him and suggested cesium chloride which was arranged but never arrived in the mail, so they settled for bicarb which everybody has in their home and did the protocol over about 14 days at which time he was due to be checked by doctors and they could find no cancer. If you tell your oncologist you are doing a natural treatment he'll throw you out,probably, and good riddance to him. You don;t need a money-hungry oncologist. Bicarb is the cheapest and fastest acting cancer killer.

ksr622002 says:

I would use molasses instead of maple syrup but if it's true that cancer cells seek sugar intake then this would lend further proof that cancer is a fungus.

ksr622002 says:

I don't know if this works or not but after the doctors did all they could do I'd then begin my course of natural medicine and it would include trying the baking soda treatment. If you're dying with a metastatic cancer you got nothing to lose and baking soda is only pennies so why not try it?

Rhonda F says:

Wow this is unbelievable amazing and very interesting info thank you

denise mcc says:

Blk strap molasses and baking soda , perfect. It fakes out the cancer and is received inside. The low ph of baking sida kills the cancer.

zenox bagaan says:

Did you know that cancer is a mutaion and not a desies?

Janet Trim says:

Aluminum-free bicarbonate soda only.

Myriam David says:

Why would you use Maple syrup
They are all sugar
Cancer loves sugar
They tell you not to eat sugar
Starches animal fats,dairy
I really don’t get the syrup part

Louis Gustavo says:

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Lourdes Gayas says:

Thank you doc.

Gautam Salve says:

I came to know from Ayurveda person that quitting Salt and Sugar beneficial to cure cancer. of course you need to take treatment Ayurveda.

The Startraveler 4000 says:

My wife smokes 30 cigs a day, drinks half a bottle of spirits a day, gobbles down a bsr of chocolate in 4 minutes along beside her usual cream tarts. And guess what, she has rounded off every night for 20 years : Bicarbonate of Soda and going strong at 77. I' hooked after now I know how she does it.


Thanks for ur valuable info.. As u said too much baking soda consumption may cause another problem like heart failure, so can u plz tell me how long baking soda orally should one take so that cancer problem may end and no other disease due to consumption of baking soda should come.. Plz reply, my mother has stage 4 stomach cancer..

Remus Yu says:

I was diagnosed a rectal cancer on Oct 2016, I used this method baking soda with molasses to cure it and it really helps big time, now Iam sharing this to all people over the world, take this baking soda and molasses in the morning and evening for two weeks when you have cancer, No meats, chicken, bread, sugar, honey, can foods, instant noodles, spaghetti, dairy products and stop all preservative foods etc I take these foods and fruits on the following:
1. sweet potato
2. banana lakatan
3. banana saba
4. Carrots, tomato and apples juices [ need juicer ]
5. steam lapu lapu fish [ live or fresh one ]
6. spinach, okra, corn, coli flower, broccoli vegetables
7 alkaline water of course
8. Raw Turmeric and boil it for 15mins drink it like a tea [ not powder please ]
You will be cured for sure.

P.S. no chemo no surgery and no radiation

thena marie says:

Drinking baking soda is ineffective unless it comes in direct contact with tumors. Drinking it is useless in the presence of stomach acid.

life is beautiful enjoy it says:

i was so encouraged by this video until the end when it spoke about the possibility of side effects like edema , blood pressure and heart problems , electrolyte imbalance , and it says ask your oncologist about it and you know that oncologists will not give us any advice on this treatment , and they will deny its effectiveness . please explain

Sandra Mays says:

that baking soda sounds like the shot

Rob Bulman says:

Don't be a fool and destroy your kidney's with baking soda not to mention your liver. Not saying it does not help but go the low dose IV method. Many places at low cost will do it with optional pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide or vitamin C.
Better yet consider a high dose of "ivermectin" can be order by a vet site. You have to triple dose 3 days on 3 off 3 x. do your research. It cured my cancer stage 3 melanoma .

ra68019740 says:

Don't get your hopes up on this crap.

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