Gastric Bypass Journey 2017 162 lbs lost!

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I’m explaining my Gastric Bypass Experience, discussing my 162 pound weight loss, as well as various topics such as diet, exercise & pain levels to name a few. Come and watch if you want more information!

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Joel Roseberry 3 says:

I don't have any questions but I will be having my surgery in August of 2018 and from everything that I hear I'm really excited about it right now I am 342 . I really hope by this time next year that I will be down at least a hundred I'm going to keep following you cuz you did have a lot of good information and for some reason your voice keeps people spirits up I think. God bless you on your journey and I'll be praying for you and myself and I cannot wait to look how I used to look when I was 16. Lol

Adonnis James says:

What made you decide Bypass over Sleeve?

Sushila Sawant says:

U wearing bindi.. looking nice. Love from India

Yazmine Cristina says:

I'm 230 and 5'0 I'm going to have a consultation with my doctor about a Gastric Bypass next month. I am afraid of losing more weight then I should, to be honest I want to lose around 100 lbs but no moe because I want to keep my curves and not be too skinny. Do you really recommend this for me?

VsgCiaray 1 says:

Great video. Amazing transformation! Best wishes on your tt procedure!

JayandSophia Pope says:

I have not had this surgery and I don't plan to. I just wanted to encourage and thank you for being transparent and honest about your journey! I know you're helping somebody! God bless you and keep moving on. You were beautiful before surgery and you're beautiful now. The way you carry yourself make you beautiful sis. Stay classy…

Kourtney Wade says:

Thank you for this video . Hope you do more videos really helps me .

darian stewart says:

thank you so much I was not sure if I should get gastric bypass or sleeve

Angelica Watson says:

I loved this video. Awesome love. U look amazing!

Triforc33 says:

What insurance did you have? Because most surgeries won't cover even if you're morbidly obese.
What are the steps?

methead lee says:

A'Dayja………you look like a Beautiful Barbie Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Ceja says:

Thanks for the info I'm having my surgery 11/15/17 bypass

Demmy Darkness says:

I'm 5"9 and 349 lbs so your stats are close to mine and LMAO!! If you use the pull out method the doctor's gonna be pulling out a baby in 9 months, you said that as I was typing this comment and it made me laugh lol

Demmy Darkness says:

I'm getting RNY next month and you look FANTASTIC!! You've motivated me 🙂

David Damron says:

Does it cure diabettes

Teresa Love says:

Wow! U look good congratulations! Am getting my gastric bypass surgery on Friday! I feel alot better watching this thank u! God bless!

Ky M says:

I'm really nervous about this eating thing tho .. you can't eat three cereals??

kenneth calhoun says:

Thanks for posting this I'm scheduled for Gastric bypass Oct 23rd 2017.

Netanya Bell Life Journey says:

New subbie look forward to following your wls journey.

Leslie Rowe says:

I want to get a revision from my sleeve and I really enjoyed your story

Leslie Rowe says:

I want to get a revision from my sleeve and I really enjoyed your story

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