The Worst Drugs To Get Addicted To

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From street drugs to over-the-counter drugs, addiction can be extremely destructive to the body and mind.
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Let us get the basic message of this video out of the way, shall we? Drugs are bad. They are very bad! According to numerous studies, about 1 in 20 people in the world abuse drugs to some degree. That’s about 230 million people, and that is a lot of druggies walking around the planet. With new drugs being created and tested each day, it seems that there is no end to the infamous “War on Drugs” and it seems that we’re losing, considering the amount of people who abuse drugs. There have been countless arguments and debates over what exactly is a drug, since marijuana is illegal while nicotine and alcohol, which have shown to be just as addicted as illegal narcotics with similar withdrawal effects, are perfectly legal.
When a drug is abused over time, such as methadone, or amphetamines, they create an altered euphoric state of mind that messes with the brain. These drugs can actually force the brain to become more dependent on elevated levels of various brain chemicals that it cannot produce on its own without drugs. See how these drugs can become addictive? What tragically happens often is that a drug abuser will go get treatment and get clean, then they go back to the original amounts of drugs they were abusing before and end up dying from an overdose.
Many of these drugs can be created from household products like cough syrup and bleach. Or, they can be prescriptions from a doctor that end up getting overused and abused. The drug market has become one of the most dangerous businesses to get into, as numerous gangs and mafias use drugs to make money and fund their other illegal activities.
The rise in the use of drugs inspired the United States to create the D.A.R.E. program, as well as create ads such as the iconic commercial of a girl happily singing a song while displaying clear effects of using meth. If you haven’t done a search on what people look like before and after drugs, then you will be astounded as to how much drugs can change a person’s appearance, let alone their mental state and brain function.
For example, cocaine creates an extreme high that lasts for about 15-20 minutes and gives the brain an overload of dopamine. This overload causes the brains natural dopamine receptors to shut down. What ends up happening is that once the high is over, the body will start to crave more and more, and thus, beginning a cocaine addiction that is hard to shake. The same effect happens in crack cocaine as well, which is a free form version of regular cocaine.
However, if there is one drug that is the absolute worse to get addicted to, then it is definitely heroin. It is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs ever created. It causes the brain to release 100 times the amount of dopamine than an orgasm, and creates a euphoric and numb high that can last longer than other drugs. Heroin will actually force the body to start needing it and craving it, and the withdrawals to the drug are one of the worst of its kind with sickness that can last for weeks.
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L. J.P. says:

these are not facts ! been there and now clean is how I know..

I Have Autism says:

Dimethylheptylpyran: aka DMHP

Benzo Fury:



Scopolamine: aka Hyoscine/Hydrobromide

Bromo Dragonfly:


#4 (anti pot) couldn’t find the nickname because he never showed it. So if you want to try any other drug you have my permission just sadly not anti pot because idk what it’s called.



Krocadil: aka desomorphine



Flakka: aka 5$ insanity

Heroin: aka smack/brown

Crack Cocaine: aka rocks

Bath Salts: aka vanilla sky/bubbles

Whoonga: aka Nyaope/Wunga


PCP: aka Phencyclidine/Angel Dust


Cocaine: aka blow/snow






Amaru Roll says:

What about cannabis, Psilocybin mushroom, khat, and opium?

Joseph Alonzo says:

Can nicotine be considered a drug I did not know that ?

Barry Cunningham says:

stay drug free kids

Bastam Bastam says:

FUCK cigarettes

TraxWusOnDaBEAT says:

If ur gonna stick to drugs stay to weed its bot ad bad as this u won't find people who die from smoking it…. Its also used for medicene you become really chill its so much safer than these other drugs you wo feel really good especially if you have some of the good weed once I've fell down the stairs because it was so good you will do amazing

Q uantum says:

I have never heard from a reliable source that Heroin withdraws kill. What i have heard is that the next new potent bag that overdoses. Benzo's and Alcohol withdraw can be deadly for sure, but not heroin withdraw.

Jeff F says:


John Riley says:

I've been on every drug on here and the worst ones are alcohol and benzodiazepines meth and cocaine are not that hard to get off of it just takes will power the withdraw is not as bad as opiates or alcohol opiates that are pharmaceutical grade are not physically bad for the body if you have a steady clean Supply you can live a long time I am currently addicted to methadone an plan to quit soon

Larry Tate says:

Heroin constricts pupils not dilate.

CyNicaL says:

Amphetamines are live asf lol

Ronaldo Quintos says:

The Scary thing about cigarettes is the addiction even affect you opinion about smoking and you have excuse for not quitting. Anyways I quit already so can you. It is not easy but you can do it. Keep trying.

Nathaniel Cole says:

Heroine releases 100 times more dopamine than an orgasm…DAMN

Jasmine Garrison says:

I don't fuck with crack and I never will I use weed and meth and cocaine but not heroin that shit can kill you.

Wat Yado says:

No bath salt aka flakka? Kk.

Jesse James HollyWood says:

I love Weed ( Kush ) & Cocaine 🙂

Sarang Rawat says:

2:36 take cocaine if you wanna be an overnight comedy meme!

Bob Wills says:

also opiates too, especially codeine

Henrik Vikström says:

What a bunch of bull crap propaganda. Read up ffs.

Danny R says:

And two of the worst drugs to be addicted to on here are legal?? Hmmm.

DookieJohnson says:

Also known by street names such as weed, pot, or the devils lettuce, this drug causes excessive happiness, which is harmful. It also causes excessive eating, which may result in money being drained from your bank account. It also causes feelings of relaxation and cause you to realize your problems are smaller than you think. Beware, for this is the deadliest drug out there.

Edmund Toombs says:

Wheres sugar

for_reel_fishing_ jake casey says:

I am dead serious

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