My Chemotherapy Experience & Cancer Treatment Results

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My Chemotherapy Experience for Testicular Cancer Treatment & Results
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I really hope that my story inspires and gives some of you hope that are going through this process or have a family member or friend that is going through it. It’s not easy, its scary, but we much remain optimistic and positive! Thank you again Team Furious for being here!


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Robert Carlosa says:

You have to stop every things with sugar bro

Luis Cancino says:

Hope you all the best.

Michael Imad says:

love you furious pete

Klara Bilan says:

Bless u dude.Be strong❤

Jorge Tapia says:

I'm praying for you

Rinoa Zelphie Maramba says:

I think he got cancer couse he ate a huge spoon of cinamon

trifecta t says:

chemo is pure poison, your hair falls out ffs, major nausea, that is your body telling you that shit is poison. But most people will blindly do it because "authority" in the form of a doctor says so, and we all know authority is always right. Look into alternative treatments for cancer there are many!! And obviously your diet was the cause or at least major contributor of getting cancer. Check out the truth about cancer and dr robert morse youtube channel he explains cancer cause and how to get rid of it even at late stage, and he has many testimonials of people that have cured all sorts of things. Cannabis oil is another good idea and alkaline diet. Cheers man hope it works out

Cecilia Vasconcelos says:

Peter gosto de vc. Saúde! Torço por vc.

Ellis Sims says:

No thank you. You got cancer and your still making vids. Commitment

trung rat dep zai says:

Go to hell hope you will die soon
Love from việt nam

Big daddy O3 says:

I am SO SORRY that you have cancer when did this happen bless you a lot hope it ends up ok – bigdaddy03

Jade Irvine says:

Inspiration ❤️❤️

Andrew Schurman says:

I'm so proud of my mom for fighting through cancer and chemo.

Amick Guitar says:

you the man, Pete!


how can 351 people dislike this…

JustGrape says:


Christopher Hawley says:

Are you sad that you have to stop lifting weights

spread peace says:

It would be fun if you die 🙂 you think its fun to mock an animals death.. well lets see how fun dying is. I hope karma gets you

50darknight says:

All cause his diet. Animal protein fuels cancer thru igf1.

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