Brain On Cigarettes? Not A Science Experiment- Why Teenagers Smoke

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The science behind: Why is smoking so addictive?
When nicotine goes into your brain it releases chemicals that relax you or make you more focused. Let’s explain how you get hooked onto these sensations.


Additional info:
Why is smoking additive?
Why is it so hard to quit?- American Heart Association:
How cigarettes damage your body:


Hobo24000 says:

Dude, nicotine has helped me with studying so much especially having ADHD.

hitler gone sexual says:

Im smoking while watching this xd

HelionGaming says:

It also gives you cancer

PsyMongazoid says:

Great music. Well done! Not quite sure what the narrator is saying but who cares when the music is sooo good.

Ryan Singer says:

this video is earrape

Ultimatecoincrazed says:

smoking a cig as I watch this

Glitched Gamer says:

Morning headrushed from my juul are fire

funny gamer funny gamer says:

This video made me not want to smoke when i grow up xD

Brandon Chikko says:

u get no bitches and im vaping

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