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Ben Masta says:

When you are making money on your conspiracy theories, you are hustling

When you are paying money on conspiracy theories, you are being hustled

Paulo Costa says:

Guy with a beard runs advertisement for shaving kit.

Joshua Howard says:

I love Tom Delonge. But holy hell this sucks. Stick to music. I love your music.

lorvincent says:

Arguing about aliens at the Imperial? I see the place hasn't changed.

Adam Leuer says:

0:45 That's some top notch walking towards the camera for a bit footage.

Shea Z says:

Fuck me you sold the dollar shave club well.

ma boy says:

Im so glad I found you Skeptic. The way you structure your videos is amazing!!!

michael griffin says:

7 years later: here is the ability of infinite energy!

Mithrawnudo says:

Lol, that ad was hilarious.

wood1155 says:

Are you making anything on these ads ? Because if you are I won't skip if you aren't I'm gonna smash the skip hard…just let us know.

__ says:


Dank memes Luke says:

29:38 ay, it's my Swede boi LEMMiNO

Riley Ledyard says:

love your ads

Gluttonous Slave says:

The armoured cuck shave club

Wray Day says:

The real conspiracy is, is Armoured Skeptic secretly mid 90's HHH?

Oblic008 says:

Best part: Dollar Shave club ad!

Wray Day says:

Well judging on how photogenic those other experts were … yeah I can see why they gave the award to Tom.

Also, UFO just doesn't always mean aliens… it means, anything we can't identify. What that means is, if you took a drone, put custom parts on it (like making it a giant cube), flew it near an airport, pilots would see it and report it as unidentified flying object.


i loved that add for some reason

ZephyrFluous says:

Who wouldn't name you sexiest man alive? Dat helm just gets all the chicks

Atrax R says:

Love these 😀 Fun to watch.

Wilson says:

An now back to the aliums

ScottM1973 says:

3:32 One Wipe Charlie?! THAT'S DISGUSTING! Wipe as many times as necessary dude!

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