Breast Cancer – Chemo and Hair Loss

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Thank you for watching this video.
The views I express are based on my personal journey with Breast Cancer. Please understand that if you are also facing Breast Cancer then it is important to be ok with your own views an feelings.
My wish is that these insights will bring comfort and inspiration to another being and I do this because I know how isolating and confusing dealing with Breast Cancer is.


poopypants pooper says:

How are you doing now?

Lisa Shaw says:

you are such a beautiful strong woman! I lost my auntie to cancer a few years ago one of the most shocking things from my point of view was seeing her with a full head of dark hair and in a matter of weeks her hair turned silver then fell out. she married her life long partner about a week before she died with her fabulous wig! she named all her wigs bit sadly I can't remember tat particular beauty's name. the hair loss never bothered her at all she was so brave. so many times I've seen her sat in our local with a glass of fresh orange in the middle of summer and she'd just whip off the wig coz it was too hot! you are fantastic and so brave! thank you for sharing this. I go for a brain scan in a week or so and I'm praying for good news. x

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