2018 Badlands Film Festival Presented by Garmin

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The 2018 Badlands Film Festival Presented by Garmin features hunting films from some of the top filmmakers in the hunting world. Hunts include EXTREMELY close encounters with big bull elk and bear as well as a youngsters first deer and so much more. The 5th Annual Badlands Film Festival debuted in Indianapolis in January 2018.


jamin flesher says:

At 26:19 What's up with that backpack bow quick clip hanger?? Anyone know where I can look it up and check it out? TIA

Justin Branden says:


ATTILA Szabo says:

He didn't realised in 1:38:20 he just did a beautiful shoot on that moose , and he was like I don't know what happened , what happened was a beautiful shoulder pass true

poulsonarrow says:

Respect to all who made this possible , we are given those gifts , but its not a given to bag what your after, the running thread is THE EXPERIENCE! on a ethical point i have a question THOSE who film, video, was there a telling moment that you decided to pick up a camera instead of that bow/rifle? or is the case that end result out ways everything ? the majesty of the Bull at the beginning was like time stood still and you could of been anytime in history where the need for food was paramount! Coming from a country that has lost all remnants of wild lands and wildlife, We need to protect those wildlands for all to experience and enjoy. Thank you for the experience even tho this was film . Loving those soundtracks too.

Lone Bushcrafter says:

Wonderful video!

Randy Corter says:

Wasn't impressed with the overall crop of films like in years past. Clay Newcomb (Bear hunt) had the best short film for sure. Black Spruce "Moose Hunt" was a close second. Jason Matzinger had the best long film. Thriving Above 12K (Mom/Son Goat Hunt) was a close second. The music/song selection killed it for me or I would have put it first. Ethical had excellent cinematography but ranch hunting isn't my cup of tea, and the drone chasing the elk was sub par and ironically a bit unethical. No Tomorrow shouldn't have made the cut huge thumbs down for language.

Bob Lewandowski says:

Private ranch hunts are not hunts, but harvests. It’s nice seeing these animals, but the situations are surreal. Great sound, video and editing. Outdoor Hollywood. I did enjoy the watch, but applications of gear and product are lost by guided, gated hunting.

Jake B says:

Guided and private ranch hunts shouldn't qualify.

BJ Iverson says:

Great Stuff!!

Taylor LeBlanc says:

Lost me at private ranch at the 9 min mark… NOT hunting in my opinion. Great videography! BUT… STOP filming canned/ranch hunts. Do it right! Kudos for talking about ethics.

Rod Binns says:

been checking everyday for this to come out.

David Carter says:

I'd give up one of my O-Mint Morgan Dollars to spend an afternoon picking Jason Matzinger's brain; dude is a stud and gets it done with integrity!

Brian Strickland says:

It's illegal in New Mexico to harass elk with a drone…and they titled the film "Ethical." Doesn't seem to ethical when you're potentially violating NM game laws.

russ sheridan says:

Well done except for the drone chasing around elk.

Hunt Simple says:

The mother / son goat hunt is the best hunt I’ve ever seen on film.

Hunt Simple says:

Absolutely love the focus on ethics and taking ethical shots.  That lady who passed the hard quartering shot on that bull at the start of the film is someone to look up to, someone who gets the whole idea of putting the respect for the animal first.

Carlos Garcia says:

37:00 my eyes are like sweating or something

Ryan S says:

The mom that arrowed the nanny goat made my day.

ASD350SXF says:

unbelievable edits guys, well done to all!! truly awesome.

Simply Outdoors says:

Good job guys! Keep them coming!

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