China and Russia vs. the United States : Modern US Military Technologies Revelation

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China and Russia vs. the United States : Modern US Military Technologies Revelation

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downtourth says:

Humans are so inhumane and unintelligent, they plot their own destruction. Neoliberal pussy's and RepubliCunts alike. Thank all of ewe ..l.,

Samar's Gadgets World says:

Love to grate America USA from India

Alyn Reduban says:

Without us military we're all nothing. Many people believe that they're going to protect the entire world just to protect the innocent people. They will not afraid to fight just to protect the boarder of the smallest country.

It is Time says:

I am waiting on this war patiently but everyone only talking and no actions….

Keith Cooper says:

WTF is the matter with these sick F'kd Up Atavistic Dinosaurs

sniperddos says:

US Military Has Lot of weapon but they lost every where Lost In Afganistan , Lost In Irqa , Lost In Lybya , Lost In Syrian . but On the other Hand Russia Go to syria and Won the war. US is Just a Propaganda .

John Doe says:

Nice animation but Russia is at least 2 decades ahead of any weapons US can come up with.

Weapons of Mass CIA Mossad Deception says:

Americans with all these weapons and yet 20 years wasted in Afghanistan and can't finish off the Taliban with them local guns kicking Yankees Ass and Iraq as well as Somalia Yankees need prayers

AcquaPlumbingLLC says:

RUSSIA has already shown they can defeat the Ageis system, few years ago in the Baltic sea, they jammed a destroyer and did mock missile runs on it……So Putin was right……

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