Web Design Speed Art – Travel Website (Photoshop/ Xd)

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In this video I will be creating a travel website, with search results for Italy. The page is customized to the location and offers the best selection of villas, hotels or houses depending on your applied filters. The Site also has a section for downloading the app and traveling on the go making this like a landing page. Hope you enjoy the design ;D

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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Xd

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Caler Edwards says:

Thanks to everyone who subscribed last year!
Check out this project on Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/shots/4061309-Travel-Website

Zi says:

Thanks buddy! You're cool

Futuristic Discord says:

Moreeeee. Thank you for your works, it makes me inspired!

Shasha Ma says:

Hey Caler! How did you export and import XD file to PS without losing quality? I tried to save it as SVG first then drag it into PS but that feels pretty redundant…

Sohel Patel says:

everything looks premium when App store & Playstore buttons are added to site

Damir Hotlovac says:

Why do you manually use the erase tool after selecting the area you don't want? Wouldn't it be easier/better to just press the delete button after making the selection? That way you don't miss any parts that are hard to see, and you don't have to worry about setting your eraser tool to maximum hardness/opacity/etc.

Victor Hugo Nogueira says:

How you do the animations?
Its possible use XD to to this?

TCC Graphic Design says:

6:02 yes, this house sleeps 4asdfk;klsadjf;lakjsd!

Halvooo says:

Tell me I am stupid pleas, Ok so I am new more or less to web Design/Development,I have finished ITAcademy for that and I want to make a website but I was trying to use HTML/CSS and so on but have been looking online I see people using some program to just drag n drop and make beautiful web sites I have been here scratching my head trying to go trough divs heads and so on code stuff I could have made a website in fu**ing Photoshop use the other program and stitch it together that way I could do more design not feel and be limited and do stuff… Pleas tell me I am stupid that I was doing things from 2010 not from now pleas.

liizzset says:

This is awesome. Any suggestions on getting this good? Beginner going to intermediate level here. I can code but more for flat websites.

Tom R. says:

this was sick! I got so much inspiration from watching this! How were you able to get that preview at the end of the video tho. was that through adobe Xd?

Miron Swyst says:

Wix ads are annoying , $kip add”

sagar medsare says:

Brilliant…loved it 🙂

Min Kyoz says:

Wow, Really amazing bro XD. btw, what's macbook you used ? Thanks 😀

Ahmed Maher says:

Hey buddy, new fan of your work here 🙂
I absolutely love what you did there, do you mind telling me how much time it actually took you to do this? Cheers thx.

Daniel Tate says:

Cool designs man

Mahinur Akter says:

Very professional video .. I think it will helpful for all designer .
I can also help people to make A Responsive website
See details here https://goo.gl/R1UXN4

fahim shakil says:

Stop doing speed art.
Noob wants to learn.

shahnawaaz shaikh says:

Caler brother you gotta make a landing page for a full fledge it company with about us and services section…what say ?

azazel from heaven says:

No doubts, the best channel of web design/programming on youtube and also amazing songs at background <3

Shaikh Aaves says:


Nikil Mathew says:

Amazing Work!

Manuel Alfonso Rovira Contreras says:

Excelente hermano animas con after effects después de hacer el layout? a y te dejo mi behance: https://www.behance.net/ManuelRovira?

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