3 Cool Bedrooms | Interior Design | Del Mar Reveal #6

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3 Kids Bedroom Makeovers and a kids playroom!
In this video Rebecca walks you through the Del Mar project’s kids rooms, along with a pretty sensational playroom as well. Check out the before and afters and let us know what you think. Like the improvements? Which is your favorite and how would you feel about spending some leisure time in that play room..! Follow us on instagram and sign up for the Design Session, where Rebecca teaches you everything she knows about interior design (links below)!

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound


With FlyingColors says:

Jusr beautiful!!

Much Dutch says:

You look so cute!! Love the hanging lights and white square frames. Wish you would share Oscar.

Reborn Ducky says:

I wish I had rich parents

Marlene Grenier says:

Would you come too Maine

Abbi Nelson says:

I would LOVE to have my house re-done as amazing like that but I don’t have the cash that’s for sure

think e'M says:

Oh how I love this!…..

Niekiee says:

Those people are rich, jeeese…….

AbbiePixelUnicorn Pixel says:

Can u have a video with a tapestry fairy light room

Waheguru Singh says:

Is it so simple the walls have nothing good to rooms its can be more decorative .although you have done a great joy and last bed room was awesome

Waheguru Singh says:

Boy room can be more cool

Noble Six says:

my ideally plan for decort my apt to live in everafter in it that in hell mc.

Noble Six says:

great time washing this videos of decort ideas for remodeling my home thank u that live hoalder. mc

Noble Six says:

flashsplash are so cute for remodelating and demo from old wood to capuchino wood color glass wood doors my dream door mc.

Kyky girl says:

The railing

Visett Yoeun says:

Omg they came to my house

Angelina Holmes says:

My fav room was the 4:30 time room

Eugenie Gen.19.5 says:

The after is incredible. I really love the ceiling fan in the white bedroom (ceiling fans usually look tacky).

Christian Concepcion says:

Most of it are great, and the kiddie play room takes the cake… love those edison bulb treatment.

Christian Concepcion says:

I love your colors and choices of pieces you put together…

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