The Craziest Moments in Sports History

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Craziest Moments in sports history
this video is NOT including any injuries or tragedies.

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Obese European says:

Lets just be honest, women screaming all the time needs to stop. No wonder they get treated so weak.

The Mister Pete Channel says:

No injuries or tragedies? Many got hurt & died during that earthquake.

OGSavage Ethan says:

A sports video that didn’t have clickbait 😀

Logan Swanger says:

Does anyone else see an unhuman figure on the sideline at 1:50??? It’s black and you have to look very closely

Tyler Evans says:

Help I crashed I'm in a plain
Help I'm in a plain

Help I fallen and I can't get up

Tyler Evans says:

When the plain crashes every body goes oof

G L66 says:

10:00 what really sucked for Stanford is if they would have won that game, they would have played in a bowl game that year, but because they lost, they weren't bowl eligible.

Foxic Bonnie says:

So your saying that the boxing match no one got hurt from fighting

Sprite Is better says:

That’s one weak ass ring over there

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