Medical Cannabis stops Stefan’s seizures!

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This family moved to Maine to legally make and provide their son with the only medicine that helps control and stop Stefan’s seizures- Medical Cannabis. The alarm you hear go off is Stefan’s seizure monitor.

Host Christopher Wright AKA “Blue” & The Pot Brothers at Law, along with special guests share information, perspective, & knowledge all about the cannabis industry.


Asian Baddriver says:

Marijuana takes my back pain away

Vegas Slots Live! says:

Marijuana is a gateway drug and that’s why it’s illegal federally. That’s a scientific fact. Some people abuse marijuana and no longer get the same high. What happens is they move onto dangerous drugs seeking that same high.

You can blame those with no self control as to why it’s illegal.

Vegas Slots Live! says:

You do realise his seizure would have stopped regardless of the marijuana. Sick of these dumb ads put out by the pro marijuana companies that sell it.

Adanlicious Pie says:

He needs Minecraft

masterhacker1989 says:

It takes more than a few seconds to work, I'm calling bullshit on this video.

Nikki Hunt says:

You needed to keep him on his side and you could've just tilted his head. It doesn't matter how long he's on his back because he still could've gotten seriously injured in those few seconds. I know because I have seizures

Mister Mahn says:

I'm all for the medical legalization of marijuana, but am strongly against the recreational use of marijuana. As someone who used to smoke an oz of weed per month, I can say that there is nothing good that comes out of smoking weed. Yea you have some fun with it and enjoy yourself, but just like anything, alcohol, big macs, or tv, it develops into a different type of lifestyle.

When a drug or additive is stimulant, like weed or alcohol, it allows for people to lose control of their paths in life and fall into the wrong places at the wrong time. The main people I see chanting for recreational weed already smoke weed and are some of the biggest losers I know. I don't see healthy people at the gym talking about marijuana becoming legalized, and most of them would seem to agree that recreational marijuana is for the weak and lazy.

Legalize it medically, it can work wonders for some people. Do not popularize weed for the masses of American people like Alcohol has been. While there are plenty of people that can drink just fine on the weekends, there are even more that die, ruin their own lives or the lives of others because they let alcohol or other drugs cloud their judgment.

As someone who escaped the evil thing that is marijuana, don't get into it for recreational uses, especially more than once a week. It starts out as only doing it once a week and then quickly becomes only doing it on the weekends. It then becomes doing it on weekdays only AFTER you finish everything else that needs to be done. Soon, you will start to feel bored or incomplete while you are not high. You will want to get high to clean up and end up just sitting around doing nothing. The people whom I used to be friends with that still smoke weed do it every morning before school and every single night. They have changed completely from the people I knew a year ago and will likely continue to develop into delinquents that disobey their own best interests and instead focus on chasing an un-catchable high.

Everyone says that they can quit at any time, but always come crawling back to it after their "t-break".

Josh Hart says:

My heart goes out to you friend. I'm in tears I hate this so much. You are an awesome father and I commend you for standing up to sterotypical idioticy retards who are against this. You as a father are doing what's best for your son and I commend you for it. Also hang in there little buddy I hope and pray that one day they invent something to solve this all together. Don't know if that's possible but I surely hope so. Your a strong little dude. I will pray for you and yours.
Love minus zero equals no Limit. Love and peace to all.

Krista Krohn says:

And WHY is this cure illegal? Because the US GOVERNMENT OWNS the US patent for CBD. I'm a pediatric nurse of 21 years….if it works, it MUST be utilized, regardless of the Federal/State Law. I'm a firm believer in cannabis as medicine and we need to STUDY it for its benefits, NOT lock it up & pretend it doesn't exist or worse, lock PEOPLE up for seeking relief.

Freeze L says:

make me crying

Cody The Dragon Samurai. says:

That is tragically scary if you’re either too late or have no idea what to do in a predicament like that, but the fact that this treatment works is awesome.

Patty D. says:

what a miracle, this should be shown to every Congressperson, any legislator that sees this and doesn't move to legalize it, is a corporate/pharma/wantonly ignorant shill in office at our expense.

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