Safe and Effective Blood Draw

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2D version of the Oakland University School of Health Sciences blood draw training video. This video contains entirely original work. Similarity with any other products is coincidental.


Roy Sánchez says:

1500 errors in 2 minutes of video. The phlebotomist has rings and other accessories, long nails and never washed their hands for 3 minutes with soap and water as established in the procedures manual. The vein is palpated with gloves on and you can never touch the patient too much because you incur in assault or battery. You have to take the butterfly by the wings so that there is a uniform entry of the needle into the skin. the only thing that this person dominated was the order the draw. the inversion time is individual and varies from one tube color to another. The safety mechanism of the butterfly is actuated once the needle is out of the patient's skin and must end with the washing of the hands. I forgot you never asked for the name of the patient or the date of birth, you did not introduce yourself correctly. Finally, if I see you in a laboratory, the lawsuit is not taken away from anyone.

Ticia S says:

I had mine done today and I was freaking crying and laughing at the same time

Med Academy says:

Thumbs up if you're an MS1-4 prepping and desensitizing.

A.t Do-tcom says:

the needle (4 minutes 5 seconds) looks like it went in deeper vertically than this picture.

it might be funny until your vein gets punctured fully through.

2.4mm = 0.09448819in
2.7mm= 0.1062992in

The mean cephalic vein size in the upper arm (2.4 mm) was smaller than at the antecubital level (2.7 mm).

Vein diameters smaller than 1.6 to 2.5 mm have been associated with RC-AVF failure

'be safe when dealing with the cephalic veins'.

Diesel Tanker says:

Give trash can immediately caz this happend to me today i almost threw up

Leah Baker says:

I am here cause I got 5 of these today

HollyCutie says:


daniela hernandez says:

Everyone is talking about getting here to conquer their fear of needles meanwhile I’m here because I’m trying to get into phlebotomy school

Derrick Brown says:

I poop with my eyes closed

BrianaLoveW says:

When you are poor and on Medicaid, the second last is the kind of people who work on you. She is like every bad nurse or medical personal I've had over the years

Xezbeth says:

Wait you can donate blood using your arm? They stuck a needle in my penis

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