EXCLUSIVE FULL UNEDITED Interview of Putin with NBC’s Megyn Kelly

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Credit to Kremlin who published full version of the interview http://kremlin.ru
Full Unedited Interview to American TV channel NBC
Russian president Vladimir Putin answered questions from NBC anchor Megyn Kelly. The interview was recorded in the Kremlin on March 1, 2018, and in Kaliningrad on March 2, 2018.
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MrSwitchblade327 says:

Megan Kelly is a disgrace.Disrespectful and arrogant talking to a foreign leader like she's the spokesperson for America. Embarrassing.

joe fran says:

The reason Russia is our enemy is easy. They ousted Monsanto, they are getting away from the US dollar. It's all about the money, all wars are about the money. Russia wants to be the World's largest Organic Food producer. Does this sound so bad?

Red Pill Redneck says:

I thought President Putin spoke English? Maybe I'm crazy but I thought I saw another interview with him speaking English to the journalist. Oh well.

Dinesh Nair says:

Why is west after Putin? Can't they mind their own business?

midnightmaiden2000 says:

Can't stand this scabby bitch. Wish they'd use someone else to interview him

Олег Каширин says:

хуйло пиздИт как обычно

Torsten Fruchti says:

Putin Bastard

Michael Idarecis says:

This is a fantastic interview it demonstrates a real head of state talking to an ambulance chasing lawyer who thinks she is conducting an interview.

Classic fails invoking 9/11 as justification for expanding weapons directed at Russia and Putin calls her BS out by saying this sort of thing looks good for housewives watching TV.

Asking about "projecting power" when Putin has power and Trump doesn't. Also note when Putin talks about power to Megan Kelly he states "he" at 23:53

" Firstly, one should be confident HE is doing the right thing. Secondly, HE must be ready to go all the way to achieve the goals"

Saying this to a woman that is not competent to be interviewing Putin.

Asking about the KGB advantage to try and rope a dope Putin into bragging to paint Putin in a bad light and yet with that KGB training managed to stuff her words down her throat.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis

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