Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop – Drop

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Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop – Drop
In this Video we will be working on a graphic design with very unique style. We got a alphabet A, on the top it, there is a uniquely designed shape folded over it. To create this , we will follow very simple steps.
Using only the basic tools, we got this drop design.
Check out the video to see the complete steps.

*English subtitles are now available. 😀
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LivingWithLouise says:


Yuliya Sumina says:

I found awesome flyer templates here Check them out!

Sr. Poro says:

Thanks for the tutorial! 😀

Chris Panzer says:

hi, great tutorial again! but i think it only work on a single letter, but not on the words, for example, i want to type "chris" with this cream style, but it didnt work, so ,i want to know what;s wrong with my work?

Abdo GrApHicS says:

an good tut 🙂 keep going
guys watch my videos it's maybe give you ideas 🙂 i upload videos every weekend 😉

Siantar Street says:

0:47 How to show that snap point?

Laima says:

i hate you so much, because you are doing everything so fast and I see lot of cool stuff, but I have no idea how to make it, because you don't explain it. in the result I'm really angry. you are really really bad as a teacher.

Jade' Holloway says:

SLOOWWWWWW DOWN SOME!!!! but appreciate the tut

Wizard says:

For the love of god, please lose your fake accent, you sound horrible, accept who you are. PLEASE.

Jedidiah Sawyer says:

0:48 How the do that in CS6

OFOXI says:

Can you tell me where I get those shapes?

Clark Haunters says:

I tried recreating this with photoshop but it didn't work 🙁

Clark Haunters says:

Can I do this with basic photoshop cs6?

Zeroh says:

great work man! seen this before and wanted to know who did it 🙂 I could keep up but for beginners maybe show the shortcuts on screen or something. anyways great work!

澤澤 says:

sorry bout disturb you, I'm not sure how to make corner round, when I cliped (effect-stylish -round circle) and then it changed it by itself(with a terrible shape) if you have time plz reply me, because I really have a big trouble on it. anyway, thanks a lot bout your video, enjoy it a lot, and about the speed, I don't think it's a big problem for me XDD thnak you, wish to watch your next video soon 🙂 wish you be good in everything 🙂

Rafiq Ahmed says:

You are very good at designing but If you want to make a tutorial for your audience then you should know how to make a tutorial. This is not called any tutorial. I am not watching your videos again. -_-

Joseph Kaito says:

how you group it

Joseph Kaito says:

i want to ask. when i do make cliping mask the a letter also go4ing to be with. whats happen with that. can you help me ?? pls thid is for my project too

Ben Hnamte says:

Its not for beginners.Great tuts btw

Zakaria Hossain says:

Where can I find the color pallets? 😀 😀

Sara J says:

I am so angry about your video. Are you showing just your design or you wants to people learn your design? I did follow your video almost half and gave up. You did so fast and I can't see what did you used tools. I need to watch many time and stop video and doing it. If you show little slow and doing together would be better. Thank you for sharing your design, but I don't want to watch your other videos.

Anto Fernandez says:

U gotta slow down

Marlen Kenbayev says:

Very cool job! TY!

DGraphy Creations says:

please you need to explain in brief you are doing a good thing much have a little more please like unite but how to unite it was a combine okay

Adjoa Matthews says:

great video

Aditya Rutwick says:

supurb.. wonderful ..

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