Episode 22 – Nicotine The Most Interesting Drug in the World

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Dr. Neil Grunberg is one of the leading minds in the study of nicotine. He’s spent almost thirty years studying the effects of nicotine on the body and brain. In this episode, he shares his wealth of knowledge regarding nicotine, and why he considers it “the most interesting drug in the world.”

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SoulfulVeg says:

I did a half patch and almost freaked out.

• By says:

This "expert" calling LSD "incredibly dangerous"… smh

Dustin Emerzian says:

Cum in my mangina

Alonzo Morrow says:

this product nicorette has trace elements of chlorine and fermaldihide. it will eventually kill you. I am a 4th year medical student at Texas Tech University and I can send you toxicology reports. subscribe to my channel for proof.

Stahpitt says:

That study you read was regarding the treatment of nicotine on patients with ADHD, they used a test which is also used to test for ADHD. The reason why stimulants work well in those with the disorder lies in the neuroanatomy of adhd, namely the fact that those with ADHD have a genetic predisposition to expend dopamine at a much higher rate, essentially "wasting" it by having it reuptaken to quickly in the frontal cortex. Essentially it's like having a jet engine hooked up to the tank of a weed wacker. Where as in "neurotypical patients" it's expended at a much slower pace.

This means that the adult with ADHD is going to experience a "lag" in executive function, typically 4-5 years behind the curve. This means a smaller frontal cortex both during and after your brain fully develops. The reason these medications work exclusively for those with adhd is because of the fact that it decreases the rate of dopamine reuptake by acting as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and releasing agent, fixing the genetic component temporarily while the medication is in the bloodstream.

Michael PEARCE# says:

Thank you very much for this critical information that we can use for a pending law case, with regards vapourizing e-juices with nicotine or without are 97% safer than cigarettes!

Steven Branson says:

Nicotine has screwed up the arteries in my legs

KreeL says:

The biggest lie on the planet is that nicotine is addictive. Great episode!

jorgepeterbarton says:

Thing is though, if other nootropics are potentiators of nicotine, could it make it more addictive, like it is in cigarettes…I'm too careful to try stacking it since i quit smoking…

jorgepeterbarton says:

I believe there can be some downsides, but what doesn't, and i don't mean all the bullshit that is linked to the fact some studies deduce this from people smoking in their study, there are also studies with isolated nicotine although obviously more minor effects…..especially caffeine…whilst caffeine is not studied as much for the reason of not being linked to smoking, the studies that do exist point in the similar direction….yet nicotine just seems much more effective, and i don't necessarily mean just stronger.

Anthony Voskuhl says:

I was really super interested in what this guy had to say up until he carelessly asserted that anabolic steroids cause people to harm others. this is a pathetic case of an expert in one field pretending to have knowledge in other fields that he does not have. just bc a doctor, scientist, expert, etc repeats something ridiculous he heard on tv does not cease to make that thing ridiculous. roid rage is a myth and has Been debunked so many times that I'm going to have a really hard time taking anything this guy says seriously.

hayatislife says:

You are amazing for the effort you put in to your casts/videos. Your page is a treasure chest.

TheReubah says:

he doesn't specify weather the effects of nicotine were tested on people who weren't already addicted to nicotine. its very important because not being able to concentrate and stay focused is a side effect of nicotine withdrawal which makes me wonder whether he has the causes and effects back the front.

Joe S says:

Lobeline, a compound from the plant Lobelia Inflata, affects the nicotinic receptors a similar way your guest described Chantix does, and has been an herbal smoking-cessation aid for some time. I did notice increased focus when taking a tincture of this plant. It may be worth trying and/or doing a show on.

Hector el mexican says:

i have a hard time staying focused when i see a beautiful big ass. thats why i vape njoy brand e cigs. better than blu and vuse. buy them at walgreens and circle k

trissuper1 says:

its bad for your sexlife , its a vasoconstrictor so thats not what you need if u want rock hard erection.use it as a nootropic all u want , i rather have a rock solid boner , thank u come again 😉

Dionte Roberson says:

so the toxins created when smoking cigarettes are what make nicotine more addictive??

smuphix says:

Where is the rest of the video? It stops in the middle of the guy talking about Turmeric …. 🙁

NovaMan 350 says:

Guess I'm one of the 10% of people who don't get addicted to nicotine. When I was 11, I started smoking cigarettes. Quit cold turkey when I was 14, and felt no physical or mental affects after quitting. Didn't touch another tobacco product until I was 19, when I started smoking cigars for enjoyment. Cigars, having FAR more nicotine, didn't seem to get a grasp on me either. I go weeks without touching a cigar, and I don't have any kind of urge to smoke one. I smoke them only when I decide I feel like getting the flavor. Cigars are like candy too me, I rarely smoke em, but I enjoy them when I do. Lucky me. I'm immune to nicotine addiction.

Steven Tribiger says:

I just couldn't stay focuesed, This is a very interestinmg topic, but

Rob Lewis says:

Check this out for more potential downsides of nicotine:


NunofYourBiz says:

The guest says that smoking drugs is the fastest way to the brain.  Then why do opiate addicts go from smoking (sometimes) to snorting to mainlining and then stay at mainlining? 

I new had a friend who abused Oxycontin. Obviously he did not smoke it.  But he started off with oral administration.  Then moved on to crushing and snorting it, then, later, moved on to mainlining it.  When I asked him about it, he said the reason was because snorting is better than oral administration, but simply does not work as fast or effectively and the "high" isn't as intense as mainlining.  Therefore, the end game in opiate administration to an addict is in fact, mainlining, which is the preferred method until cessation or death.  And this must be true because mainlining as an act in and of itself is so undesirable in so many ways.  You have to freebase and then you have to acquire equipment to actually use this method of administration.  And then, above all that, you have to stick yourself with the needle properly. 

Clearly, the guest's assertion that smoking is the most effect delivery system for a drug is 100% false.  Mainlining, although the most undesirable way, is the most effective, intense, and efficient method of drug administration. 

You will find that many heroin addicts start with smoking, then possibly snorting, then mainlining.  They don't mainline because they're dumb but because it is the most intense, efficient, and effective method for delivery – plain and simple.

Gary Wood says:

Excellent, thank you – shared!  It was interesting he said you could get addicted to nicotine through e-cigs when others in the medical field feel it is only when tied to tobacco is it addictive but e-cigs are not his main area.

taiwanjohn says:

Though most people who talk about nootropics these days pronounce it as "new-tropics", I believe the correct pronunciation is a double-length-O… like "no-o-tropics."

It's the same Greek root as "noetics", the study of consciousness.

Oskar Kugelberg says:

Very interesting! What is the cheapest way to get nicotine? 

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