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Twitter: @pirrone
I had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery in Hamilton, Ontario on May 8th, 2009. I went into the operation at 351lbs. At 2 years post-op I was 178lbs and to which I am still at almost 3 years post-op. I submitted this video as an informative video for others who are, or know someone who is considering this procedure. Prior to my operation I spent endless hours researching online and asking anyone and everyone who’s had the operation numerous questions trying to put my mind at ease. This was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. Should you be considering this procedure and have questions, please feel free to email me or message me on FaceBook. I will leave my info at the bottom. Make sure you do your research and most importantly, make sure you have the support of your family and friends. Educate them on the procedure. Make them understand that you are doing this to better yourself, to increase your chances of still being alive to watch your children get married, to be around for your grandchildren. My surgeon was Dr. M. Anvari out of St.Joes Hospital in Hamilton Ontario Canada. He is an amazing surgeon. He saved my life.
The road to better health is a long journey and a special thank you to a special friend who made that road a little less bumpy.
Look me up on Facebook: Santino Pirrone
Email me any questions. E: I am not a Doctor but i’ve been thru this surgery and I will try and answer any question the best I can thru my experience.


Mr Smiley says:

I’m 6’5 and currently 350Lbs and am thinking of getting this done

Dee S says:

Wow Congratulations!!!

Mahmoud Nadi says:

Going through the appointment process and find out next month if they will do the surgery for me. Im 25, 5'2.5"/300lbs and going to get this done to take control of my life. I have missed out on so much in my life so far. It is great to see another male make a video, seems a lot more women get this done.

Dlive2005 says:

Same here I was watching all these females video lol but found a men video nice video

holdinweight says:

Hi I am interested in how well your journey is going. I went to my 1st consultation today. Im interested in your story because we are about the same size as your starting weight. Although I'm 5'8 and 352. You look taller.. please get back with me.

country boy flogs says:

How far apart is each picture?

gary gannon says:


T. B. says:

Nice tan and music choice. Thanks for sharing

Ashley Silva says:

Notice in 09 he had a wedding ring and in 11 he dont

Nelson Mena says:

Wat was your higth

Fionna Sampson says:

I'm going for my surgery taken phatway classes now

Ronald Martinez says:

I wish can get this surgery done. How do I get my insurance to pay for it. Right now I hate going clothes shopping.

Jonathan Aubin says:

THAT…….IS……..AWESOME!! I wish I could do that. No insurance = no way. I work on a farm training horses and life would be so much easier and more comfortable 85 pounds lighter.

Jbizzy Da man says:

Great video, no disrespect but you look like a total different person, and I bet you feel great also! I'm getting the surgery for sure now!!

Jbizzy Da man says:

Great video, no disrespect but you look like a total different person, and I bet you feel great also! I'm getting the surgery for sure now!!

lamon crawford says:

Awesome! Just the motivation i needed to continue eating properly Post-Op.

Daniel Drews says:

I'm scared of the guy before but the new guy is a pussy

Abhishek Kumar says:

does surgery change skin colour too and will this surgery effect my ability in playing sports ?

Alberto Nava says:

bro just watch this video and I almost jump like a madman, I'm just like you same weight, I'm schedule to have my surgery next thursday may 25 2017. thanks for share.

Fuzzyduck1973 says:

Wow! So good to see a male video for a change. Your before pic could be me right now.
It's like I'm looking at a time lapse of the journey I'm about to take on May 15!

I'm amped for this!!

Bradley Clopton says:

Thanks for this video, I am in the beginning stages of having the surgery. I meet with the psychologist next week and then start the process of pre surgical exercise and weight loss. It is encouraging to see the results of all that effort and the surgery. Thanks again!

GBT says:

Hello Santino. This video is such an inspiration. I look very much like your "before" pictures. I'm going next month for the pre-surgery education/counselling, to be followed by the actual surgery sometime later this year. I've been a little hesitant, but your video has absolutely convinced me that this is the right thing to do. When I saw you looking so healthy, dancing with your daughters, I had tears in my eyes. I'm 57. My grandchildren are just babies and the thought that I might regain enough health to watch them grow, and even be able to be active with them like I was with my own kids, is almost too good to be true. Bless you, brother. Today, thanks to you, I'm optimistic that the future can be great. GT

Houdaloth Ali says:

The US has a serious obesity issue.
Alot is due to fast food chains that sell highly addictive foods.
Intermiddent fasting can help people to stay slim as well as being on some kind of diet.
We must eat real, natural foods.

Gummy Bear says:

4 years on waiting list still waiting. .. u look good

victor tejeda says:

Finally a video made by a man. I'm going through the process now only 2 months out. This video was great to watch.

Hector Hernandez says:

thats bad ass man i been thinkin of gettin it done..i been loosin weight bt man its tooooo hard

jimmy0982 says:

How old were you when you had this surgery? Looks great!

Rafael Diaz says:

great song choice btw.

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