Cleveland Cavaliers vs Phoenix Suns – Full Game Highlights | March 13, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Cleveland Cavs vs Phoenix Suns – Full Game Highlights | March 13, 3/13

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Slave Of Christ says:

Not an empty seat

joemiester31 says:

Wish the rest of the cavs would follow there shot like Clarkson. I'm fully convinced you can be a winning coach in the NBA by just requiring your team to do basic fundamentals. Box out, follow your shot… the simple things go along way.

serialkilla23 says:

unleash korver….let him start!!!

Gobi-no-houkou says:

The question is: who didn't destroy the Suns yet?

Alan KS says:

I thought I was playing my console when korver and JG are both starting for the game.

roundearth GT says:

Finally smith is out of the starting 5

Pocket Riderz says:

Funny how none of you notice the non call where Lebron obviously travels on the first bucket of the game when he dishes out the assist for the 3. He clearly picks up the ball and takes 2 or 3 steps before passing it to the corner for the 3. This is clearly traveling yet apperently everyone is blind except for 1 person in the crowd behind the suns net who you can see doing the traveling signal. For those of you who wanna say he was driving to the net look again because he wasn't. I don't know how more people didn't notice that
I mean traveling is one of the easiest things to point out but yet here we are and it's Lebron but nobody says anything. Ball carrying is another thing Lebron and alot of the stars in the NBA are getting away with. They dribble so quick it can't be seen with the naked eye but in slow motion you can clearly see that this is becoming a norm now in the NBA. Russel Westbrook is probably the one who ball carries the most.

Matt Haag says:

This the only thing i hate about the nba so many bad teams that are loosing on purpose that just hands teams wins just not right thats why nfl will alwats be number one , Portland is absolutely going to destroy Cleveland Thursday

natanael mercado says:

Man Hill, korver, green, larry nance….none of those guys are even starter material..LMAO if love dont come back and improve thier defense…which he wont…or shoot at a high level….cavs are fukin done..lmao

Mike Wayne says:

CAvs are back

Oh wait they just beat the worse team in sports history.

Marz Castilyo says:

portland next,,hope we win..

Kristian Mca says:

I don't want TT to come back! I don't know why they let Jr back on the starter team after they benched him a while back korvers better & always ready to catch and shoot

Marty Bernad says:

Cleveland 2018 champs

Marty Bernad says:

Finally jeff green and korver started!

Blackmamba 512 1 says:

Did anyone else notice LeBron travel in the beginning or is the NBA just including a third step now

S0n0legend0 says:

why didn't they change the score after the suns scored at 6:44?

Rebeca Espinoza says:

They should trade devin booker to the nuggets

Bryan Saducos says:

Lebron no defense at all…they can only beat weak team…

Bryan Saducos says:

Lebron no defense at all…they can only beat weak team…

Corpse Maker says:

I prefer Korver over Smith in starting lineup. It's a shame Lebron couldn't trade Love to the New Orleans for Anthony Davis. That would be a solid championship roster.

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