Technology manipulating videos raise concerns

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Some lawmakers and computer scientists are concerned about growing dangers of digitally-altered video and audio. A recent study found false information on Twitter reached 1,500 people six times faster than the truth. Tony Dokoupil reports.

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Erik Itter says:

Will end up with digital signing all videos you are involved in with and assuming everything not properly signed (depending on source and content by multiple people/organizations) is totally unreliable. Will make whistle blowing difficult but everything else will come to a stable state again after this is accessibly integrated into cameras and software and our children and grandchildren have learned to approach images, moving or not, as well as sound recordings, quite differently.

erick villagrana says:

Lmao the media knows theres going to be a damning video about Hillary soon. Theyre on damage control before it is published

Allen Rodgers says:

I think it's funny. Lmao lmao lmao

ipressedabutton says:

reality is never going to be in doubt, unless you are surrounded by fake people all day long

madboyreadynow28 says:

I say people need to stop wanting to believe lies. When people believe lies doesn’t matter if the face is real or not. I am an intelligent person. I can read a story or hear a story and pick out the false statements. When people want to hear America has dropped bombs on North Korea it’s not true but those who want it to be true will believe it.

ipressedabutton says:

people are overly concerned about being deceived by some doctored videos but they are not overly concerned with presidents that lie for a living

Dawngliana Pachuau says:

omg.. this is SERIOUS!.

AndresM says:

Hillary when was having a respiratory crisis used the technology.
SO nothing bad, now, Copyright laws should apply, simply as that.
If a candidate can not make it to an speech, he or she can do it digitally.
Yet, only he or she can do it, a third party would be violation of copyrighted persona. Simple as that.

The Russian Bot, Inc. says:

You just can't believe what you see on CNN any more…….lol

TheSpiderman7285 says:

2 year old news. Maybe if you reported the news instead of BS, then you could've gotten ahead of this story. MIT was demonstrating this ability at least in 2015.

Håkan Lundberg says:

Journalist have to use the same technology as the adult film industry. But instead of asking for dual credentials of age, they will ask for dual credentials to make sure the politician is the one he/she claims to be.
A good thing though (or?). The president can watch TV and se himself holding a speech live, and in real time comment on twitter about what he is saying.

Joshua Malloy says:

Radio lab talked about it first.

D Holtman says:

You mean like the Hillary Clinton sex tapes?

Terry Hanks says:

All mainstream media is fiction what are you guys talking about

Joy Popoola says:

Pee tape escape clause!

Warped says:

I got two words:

plausible deniability

paganpoet3 says:


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