Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 1 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

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In this NBC News Special, Megyn Kelly travels to Russia for a rare exclusive sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Russia, Megyn grills Putin on the Kremlin’s role in Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.
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Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Part 1 | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


jaziilean says:

What alternate reality have I been transported too ? Why is Megyn Kelly interviewing Putin Looooooooooooooool

epsilon945 says:

It seems America thinks they can right a Hollywood script and pass it as reality if Libertards get power again Humanity has a destination with extinction America has created its own virus and forgot to create a Cure and are blaming the world for their own self destruction you can’t get more socio psychopath than that it’s like leaving you’re kids alone in a room full of weapons and nukes the outcome is obvious

starsky Hei Hei says:

I doubt Russia did anything. these governments are all set back to the UK our queen. queen of America newzealand Australia and much more countries. I think they are setting russia up to look bad from the world. they have a plan against russia because the troubles between them and US so as they are under our queens rules we have to act on America's side because we are a part off there empire. look at history of these countries the same types of people are in action here trying to make a move on russia now. I say this is all a set up against russia. I actually respect russia and putin. these people are just twisting things to make them look bad. the rulers off nz America and Australia are the bad guys look at bourbon history of the country's I can bet that they are still in motion. evil..

M_Pro 74 says:

Why don't you show us the FULL interview? Huh, NBC…without cutting his answers and adding scary pictures…

Max Zimmerman says:

Full interview with subtitles
They have shortened a 1.5 hour interview to 5 minutes :))) shame

Paul Crone says:

The only "trouble cooking is you NBC. So YouTube takes down rightwing for you? Every knee WILL bow and EVERY TONGUE WILL confess…

Phil dc says:

Instead of fingerpoint Putin did it maybe we should fingerpoint fake media,is the German reporter Richard gutjahr ringing some bells look it up ask questions

D Detox says:

This is non-sense.

Sergey Lobanov says:

My face is hurting from palming itself. Idiocracy news!

Zulkifly Nazer says:

Full unedited with English subtitles

Kostas 555 says:

This News organisation is an insult to human intelligence.

Erik Amnesian says:

World Cup 2018 coming up.

WeekTheGamePlay says:

always watch original , bbc is always puting things the way they need people to hear it … – this video is bs

Bassa Ch says:

NBC has lost its mind of state. This blonde preestitute has no shame she does not represent whole USA has no manner thinks she can outsmart Putin just sad.

ribak1983 says:

Don't know how I ended up watching this crap, but that man makes some what sense, eventually this situation cools down over time, and no one gets

Zhuosi Xie says:

You really got no shame NBC, were is the part you deleted?

Arystan Beck says:

Did Putin have a facelift?

Arystan Beck says:

Megyn caught this thug on lies!!! His eyes were running like eyes of a thief.

tommy4231 says:

Megyn Kelly is soooo stupid! Fits right in at Nothing But Crap.

flatlander says:

NBC you are pathetic. Are you trying to get as low as CNN?

YesMan NoMan says:

Edited propaganda trash. Americans: if you believe your media is fair, watch the full interview to see how much they tried to skew this interview in the ''putin villain'' favour. It's actually quite laughable.

Александр Сидельников says:

be smart, watch the full video.

zempath says:

The Russian government officials have never in the history of Russia told the truth.
They are not about to start being honest now.
They are psychopaths, get used to it and get over it. Stop being so naïve with your attempts to turn a psychopath into a normal human being. It can't be done.

Putin is a war criminal, he has committed crimes against humanity, crimes against his own people, crimes against the people in the neighboring countries. He should be arrested, tried and hanged. That's the justice he deserves.

Maurice Cremers says:

Shamefull editing job by NBC. Just watched the unedited version! LOL. Also watched the Oliver Stone interview with Putin. We are just jealous!! We have had puppets for presidents for decades. That's why only 56% voted. And the news sellers are just making a buck on our ignorance. Megyn Kelly is trying to keep her 20 million dollar contract for her owners!! That's all this is.

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