CBS News special on Logic & the impact of “1-800-273-8255”

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Watch the CBS News special on Logic & the impact of “1-800-273-8255”

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Bugaboo says:

dodie has derealisation. they're both wonderful.

alice alexander says:

super underrated

TheBlunderman bob says:

Why does it seem like this was filmed in the 90s?

Koby Arthur says:

Logic is going to die a legend. Anyone who spends 4 hours a day on a craft can't lose.

Eugene Ondigo Ombongi says:

You made bro!

logic of life says:

I like nikky it took me a month tó get it

Angel Faith says:

Honestly, I saw him when he toured with G Eazy and no idea who he was. I became a fan after that day and went to see him on the everybody tour, it was amazing.
The way he cares and loves his fans is fucking perfect.

Ayrton Rodriguez says:

BRO, you're going to the top.. DON'T STOP NOW, You will be the KING♥ We love you #rattpack all day

johnoliverguy says:

Logic is such a down to earth and humble person. Easily one of my idols.


I wish all these people who have only heard 1-800 would listen to all his old mixtapes and his two other albums so they could see how good at rapping he really is

Eliza Bear Lps says:

Tbh I thought this was gonna be an idubbs video.. I thought he was Ian XD

mr Gobot says:

Fucking red rocks is incredible

Filip Christiansson says:

6:23 "Ah yeah this is my bae right here" So funny hahaha

Acid Hooper says:

Quad platinum *

Vicente Buitron says:

Can anyone tell me the song at 4:40?

Zach Attack says:

Logic is so successful

Zach Attack says:

I hate rap but I love logic!!!! He’s the only rap I listen to!

GabrielTheGuitarist says:

I remember the sound company I was working for did a show for him and Andy Mineo at Wabash College, and it was really damn good and never heard of either artist before. I haven't really heard much from him since, but I will always remember that along with doing a Puddle of Mudd show…

Mikey Dagostino says:

Song saved my life

Claire Figiolini says:

I suffered with and occasionally still do with Derealisation and depersonalization for over 20 years, I no how horrendous that is, no matter how you explain it you can never truely understand until you go threw it, its like you don't really exist but you have to continue living and functioning in everyday society!!! I had a terrible childhood, abusive, poor, alone, no love nothing that's where it comes from.. its a coping mechanism.. to detach!!! that's probably why he suffered with this, all the positive change was to overwhelming and to much to process and cope with, suffering makes you powerful, experience makes you relate, struggle makes you fight… its because of his life he can write amazing raps, light always can be found in darkness, I love Logic, what he believes in and what he represents, he's truely talented and I'm glad there's people in the world like him.. keep speaking the truth, it needs to be heard!!! x x

vivid visuals says:

fuck logic. go steal another idea.

TheLakerFan 24 says:

Where tf Bobby tarintino 2

Roze says:

When logic isnt even apart of visionary anymore but they still upload things about him

CJfreshhh says:

Hey Logic, I pray you read this. You seem like a great person, looking to make peace and show love to the world. You are definitely on the a good road in life, but without understanding where these good morales come from, you ultimately don't know true peace and love. I'm telling you out of love, please read if you are still looking for truth

This world is corrupted by sin. We have all fell short of the perfection of God. Sin is our nature, and there is no such thing as a good person by God's standards. We are all enslaved by sin and lies from the negative energy Satan who hates us and doesn't want us to experience the love God has for us. Sin separates us from God and will lead to spiritual death, which is hell (eternally separated from God). We have all fell short of the perfection of God.

We all have a choice in life, to love lies or to love the truth. Everyone has a choice to reject God and love sin or accept his free gift of Jesus Christ. God wants to have a relationship with you, but sin is in the way. That doesn't mean we have to clean our life up to be accepted by God. You don't have to go to church or be all religious, God just wants to help you break free from this life of sin. The only way we are made right by God is believing that God came in flesh, lived a perfect life as Jesus, died on the cross and resurrected 3 days later. This was the sacrifice for our sins.

You are missing out on a life that can glorify God, which is your designed purpose. God loves you, but he won't force you to love him. God knows your pain and he is the ultimate healer

This is the light and truth of the world %150. The only thing that can give you a thirst that doesn't quench is Jesus. Jesus saves us from this evil world

Danny Phantom says:

I don’t have Instagram, but when he drops his album ( ultra 85 ) will @visionary update me ?

Raheda Uddin says:

THIS song saved my life because I was about to jump from a bridge when it was broken but the day I was supposed to heard this song and I said thank you logic

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