Mysterious UFO dubbed ‘first sighting of 2018’ spotted in Mexico – Daily Mail

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A mysterious silhouetted UFO has been caught on camera in Mexico. The unusual object has been cited as the ‘first sighting of 2018 ‘

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Trigerdz Yt says:

I’m in Mexico and just landed 3 days ago and I saw a ufo when I was landing

Charles Foster says:

The term UFO should be abandoned since it merely means that some flying vehicle is unidentified, not necessarily alien. The new term SAS should be used instead. It stands for Suspected Alien Ship. Everyone should be looking for a SAS not an UFO.

mixit247 says:

it is just balloons

Hisgreenhouse says:

One day in prayer & fasting i was asking THE FATHER of Yashua (Jesus) about life in the universe HE spoke to me and said "WE HAVE NO TIME" HE said that people will give over years of their lives studying just a one bug let alone a whole alien race, and the whole UFO reality will cause many to go to hell in these last days, because the short life we are given is to be used to find HIM, and go to heaven, or we can be distracted and at the end of life find our self's lost.

John Heavner says:

This reminds me of the ships in Man of Steel. Very creepy. What are the chances there are humans in control of it?

Milano e tutta Rossonera says:

Oh dats just me

For You says:

You’re so dumb

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