Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

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Here’s what to say to anti-vaxxers!
Check out Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter:

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Amanda Edwards, Annik Carson, Rachel Salt, Greg Brown, & Mitch Moffit
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot & Mitch Moffit

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Yun Wang says:

All The Dislikes Are The Anti-Vaxxers XD

Xubels says:

I would smash…

Junseong Park says:

So sad there is no vaccination or cure for supidity

Jason Berreth says:

I really feel Realy bad for those kids who are born to anti-vaxxer parents.

fenrirgg says:

Still I reject the flu vaccine, I find it pointless, specially when they inform you that the vaccine is for a virus you probably already got infected by.

bassbaine says:

Is anyone else scared that almost 3k people dislike this?

Lonoe says:

I’ve never been vaccinated and I have never gotten a deadly disease and lived after I got the flu…. so idk

Zevoks says:

lmao , i love how he whispered autism

Diabeetus88 says:

Having Autism > Being dead

Bitch Goranski says:

Sorry, but i’d rather have my kid be autistic than be dead.

M.O.A.G TEAM says:

“this video is to available”

PinkSocks says:

The worst is people that tell you that vaccines are dangerous and then light a cigarette and go to McDonald's

Eva Plays says:

I watched the video

But i still won't vaccinate

I've been around people who got the vaccine and got sick.. but i was fine

Sooooo whatever lol

Brady Bussies says:

had to use crutches to breathe


Vaccines aren’t bad. It’s only when multiple vaccines are given at once to immature immune system that problems can occur. When I was younger I recieved 5 vaccines at once and my motor skills and progress decreased dramatically. I also then began to develop severe symptoms of autism (which I eventually out grew). Vaccines are good, getting multiple vaccines at once is dangerous.

ḥøļøğṟấpḩìíĉ says:

my parents are anti vaxxers
help me please

T.A. Iversen says:

Child having nut allergy>Child dying

Jace Godfrey says:

Simple answer: vaccinate anyway

Nathan Ventura says:

Next encounter, walk away, but only after giving their kids some good old whooping cough.

K-radrumble says:

hadnt took a vaccine for 16 years and I'm doing perfectly fine. This video is autistic.

Piroclanidis says:

All the people that oppose vaccines tend to forget that the sole reason that we are still breathing right now is vaccines…
Back in 1800 you were considered old at the age of 40, and it was normal to die at 50…. Get your heads out of your asses

Ink's drop of ink says:

VAcCinEs CauSe AutISm
Well i already have autism, so HA

Crystal Pearl says:

Wait,aluminum is toxic?
I used to eat it when i was 8

Cranemaker ! says:

Omg, allergies aren’t that bad. Just a runny nose, watery eyes, or something like that most of the time. Yes, I know there are more severe reactions, but that’s the most common (I think, I’m not a doctor, just from experience)
And the worst that can happen with measles is, let’s see, death! Isn’t that lovely!
Now please debunk the other very many stupid conspiracy theories.

Planet Prime says:

parents (in the arguments) = stupid

neitherlink says:

Vaccines shouldn't be an option, they should be mandatory. And all the countries should include in their systems who is and who isn't vaccinated

NotAYoutuber says:

Don't worry guys even if this doesn't change ppls stupid claims against vaccines. They will die and sadly their offsprings will too thus decreasing these idiots because they didn't get vaccinated and their kids.

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