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A walk through of how I come up with web design ideas, specifically, the thought process behind my new portfolio design.

Where Do Good Ideas Come From? Plagiarism or Influence?



Awesome YouTuber’s/Developers:
Joe @ Coding Phase

Chris Sean

My learning journey


William Castillo says:

Appreciating video…In this video you shared a really amazing information which is really very-very useful to the users… yourdesignguys also provide best services…

Justin Herrera says:

newbie here, I just wanna ask what is the purpose of photoshop in creating a website?

Poch says:

Hey Michael, I really want to get into WordPress theme development. I have a particular niche I want to specialize in, what are the ways you can identify if a particular niche is worth venturing into or not?

Also what is your general opinion on WordPress theme development these days? Is it still a viable option for programming newbies in 2017?

Timothy Holt says:

As a developer doing front end work this topic has always been a struggle for me. Really nice to see some tips on how to improve in this area! Also really enjoyed the layout of your video, thanks for sharing this!

Ricardo Portela da Silva says:

Very good! thank you! inspiration!

Christopher Moldrickx says:

It's not meant to sound pathetic, but YOU are an inspiration. Your tips are very valuable. Keep up the good work!

Anay Awasthi says:

Hey Michael, your videos have been awesome and help me a lot. How can I contact you? Any email address?

Will McCormick says:

Great video Michael! Getting ideas and inspiration is definitely an important part of the process. Do you have any specific advice w/r/t to icons? Do you create your own icons or is it OK to snatch them from other places on the web? I guess I'm asking as a newbie what is kosher or isn't kosher for someone without Photoshop or the ability to create their own icons. Keep up the great content mate! Always motivating for me and informative!

Mike Miello says:

Hey Mike, nice job with the new design! It's looking much stronger. Just a thought…your tagline might be a little stronger if you include the audience as well. "Sharing…life experiences….to inspire upcoming web developers." Looking forward to the rest of the series

saber amani says:

I like the way you describe things, keep up the good work. Peace 😉

code_lady says:

Great tips Michael..How long did it take you to develop your skills, when you started web development?

Jose Joshua Aquino says:

Hey Michael. just want to know is there any rules using free photos for your website or project for a client? Photos you can get from google or upsplush or other site that give free hd images?

Damian Demasi says:

Awesome video man! Thanks!

Yoshi Mungus says:

i peep the new editing style its banging

Bryan says:

love your videos man! keep up the great work.

nlburnr1 says:

Man mad respect bro for being honest about from where you got the inspiration from. Also dope to see that you shouting out other youtubers. I came to the conclusion community is actually really small you guys are giving us tons of motivation

busyrand says:

Chris Sean, Joe Coding Phase, and Mike Locke shoutouts! Awesome. I love these guys too!

busyrand says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing….

Victor Catalin Torac says:

I so enjoyed this video. You have a gift.

A Jones says:

Nice video. Been looking forward to this. Just an idea, perhaps you could put a series name at the end of each video so we know its part of the same series ? Or just create a playlist ? 🙂

ʚĩɞ Hana ʚĩɞ says:

thanks alot for the video it's very important subject for developers ,when i watch it i said this video it's for me

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