Best Porsche Advertisement Ever

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Porsche advertisement in which country man calls for a spare part of his 111.


Die Fremdsprachenlehrerin says:

Stuttgart Zuffenhausen in front of Porsche Museum. Not far nor bad.

muhammad yusuf says:

That is one hell of a dedication . If it was true that is …

Jozef Faragula says:

Aha. Very nice. But when I came into Porsche Service in Bratislava, Slovakia, for any parts for my Boxster, they have to use google to find more infos about their own parts, because they do not have it in Porsche magnificent system.

Robo Cop says:

Why am I watching car commercials at 4;40AM

mark welsh says:

a tear to my eye

no one says:

a monkey could replace that starter

Grzegorz says:

I know a guy, who was given a new Mercedes in exchange for his 25 year old one. After 6 months he wanted it back. He just could not handle the amount of servicing the new car needed. Wit the old he was once in service for emergency in the whole life, with the new, 3 times in that half a year. They did not give him his car back.

Sampath K says:

Porsche = replacing headlamp washers, ignition coils suspension arms, transfer cases, navigation, instrument cluster, ac ducts, engine mounts, carden shaft, brake disks, trunk gas struts, and well….wiper mechanisms, differentials and seat frames too…)) failing and replacing major parts is like changing air filters in a Toyota ) The funny thing is it never ends.

Giraffa Camelopardalis says:

You forgot to mention the price.

Black Swan says:

Super advertisement! Wunderbar!

Monte W says:

Love the German people! Lived them two times and go back to visit all the time! LOL, This ad isn't far from the truth!

Dinamitium says:

1:33 que culito!!!

Kenny911able says:

german propaganda,never gets old

Eng Guan Wee Production says:

Best ad ever!

Paul Arlukiewicz says:

pretty blonde in commercial tho

Paul Arlukiewicz says:

theifbot lol

Eric Chang says:

I see hot girl on thumbnail, I clicked the video lol

Elon Musk says:

There is no such thing as a good car commercial unless it’s Tesla

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