Video of deadly Niger ambush raises questions about military mission

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Warning: Parts of this video are disturbing and graphic. Newly-released video showing the deadly ambush of American soldiers in Niger is raising new questions about the U.S. military mission. Four Americans were killed in the October ambush. ISIS released the video as part of a propaganda campaign. David Martin reports.

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zuti071 says:

They should stay at home.

homeless pizza says:

FYI, those US army soldiers actually killed 20 ISIS shitheads with them so they didn't die for nothing.

Vforce 0001 says:

Rest Easy Battles.

PrinceAnzo says:

Here is a reminder that your western tech cannot make you win your fight., look at them running away with twice the equipment, armor and technology lmao.

seoulkidd1 says:

Bad intel always get soilders killed R.I.P.

Oscar Castaneda Munoz says:

Invade Nigeria! I want the heads of the people that did this.

Gimme The Loot! says:

Just another day, no surprise here. I would be surprised if they died in their own country doing patrol in New York. But on a foreign soil? nahhh ah!

vanu apache says:

i was waiting for black panther to pop up rip

Howey Leo says:

Why didn't American soldiers just stay inside the SUV, driving fast and shooting back at the same time, could this increase their chance of survival?, like what we have always seen in Hollywood films

Gemma RS says:

Well u made it urself america, u made isis to make an african country unstable so u can come and guise in the name of counter terrorist and u bribe the people in power to sell u oil in a cheap price


ISIS is going down, This was almost 6 months ago and since then plenty of the main cities like Aleppo and other strongholds have been reclaimed.

Tanveer Ahmed says:

Read that wrong. So, wrong.

Nikola Tesla says:

we need remote controlled soldiers

Cold Flame says:

Rest In Peace


america stop your propagand just end the wars

lilbigsby says:

let go over with mags and get some bodybags

mandalor-83 J says:

Smh shouldnt have even been there anyway

Uncle Rico says:

They are bait. Next thing you know we will have a strong presence there

The Mighty Waffle says:

Rest In Peace and thank you.

Ricky Blaszak says:

But what are we doing in Niger?

Ricky Blaszak says:

Poor guys, Rest In Peace heroes

Brandon Cooney says:

All American soldiers are fighting for a corrupt cause.

Chenny Chen says:

We gotta get revenge.

steam-engines o tool says:

the next US war now that they may lose North Korea I'm just sceptical is all.

CryptoApparel says:

Rest in Peace sirs Thank you for your service

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