Screaming from pain, puppy rescued with torn ear

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We got a call to rescue a puppy whose ear was almost completely torn off. He was screaming in pain and frantically shaking his head when we found him hiding behind bushes in an empty lot. We brought him back to Animal Aid where we began his treatment. His ear was so damaged and severed that we needed to surgically remove it for his speedy recovery.

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Priyanka priyanka says:

Aap ko contect kaise kr skte h

anonymus person says:

Where are you located

Midhat Tasneem says:

This all seems fake to me. I saw a cat near my home. It was injured. And was in a very bad condition. I called so many helpline numbers for animals but no one responded. After tying a lot , some people did respond but before their arrival the cat went. I tried to stop her but she ran. I felt so bad for her and I was very angry on people who didn't responded.

Susan Holmes says:

Beautiful little soul. Thank you xx

MustaffaCuppa says:

I wept when I saw his ear & heard his crying in pain & terror. Thank you on behalf of Banjo, for your kind rescue & healing of his injuries. You did a lovely thing. God bless you.

Shiva Gc says:

its great to see such kind of human beings and organization in action for them who cant speak its really touching may god bless this organization and the whole team and yes to the donors too <3 <3

Gurpreet Singh123 says:

Bot bot thanwaad veer ji

dc 7 says:

God bless u dear…

Harsh Shah says:

The way you are doing this work will lead to great success in your life.All the best

rahul rajput says:

Great work yaar

Mr 100 Percent says:

God bless you…❤ Love from Pakistan

Michaela Rogado says:

Aww he so cuuute

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