Algebra and Mathematics. Explained with easy to understand 3D animations.

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Explains variables, systems of equations, Cartesian coordinates, and many other concepts. Fun and educational for all ages.


Paul Martel says:

1×1+2×2+3=9 not 8

James Novak says:

Can I Construct The Scale In The Video?

Victor Victor says:

if math is watched with empathy, you will understand that math is a language for higher beings

Song Jea says:

very good for humanity

Silver Vortex says:

I like the music and background images. Gives a fantasy vibe.

Malcolm Taylor says:

A very nubile presentation.

David Lloyd-Jones says:

"Algebra is the foundation of all science and technology"??
C'mon, Eugene, give us a break. All of your graphics are impressive, and almost all your explanations are good.
With this particular bit of portentous idiocy you make a fool of yourself. Don't do that. You're better than that!
Algebra is a set of mathematical tools and ideas that are very useful in a great deal of science and technology — but both science and technology go back thousands of years. No part algebra is older than the ancient Greeks, and most of it has been invented in the past few hundred years.

Tahir Khan says:

Please make a video on Derivative and integration.

Mike Daroczi says:

Once again, another one of your videos that made a concept that was once pure gibberish to me understandable. Thank you!

David Saari says:

Very unique style of animation! It's easy to understand the pictorial images of algebraic equations! Thanks.

Ducksauce says:

OP is that the air fortress nes theme?

Romni Yepez says:

Dear: How to make videos like these…but for Econometrics…?

Desnalia Sari says:

Really jenius !!!!!!!!!

Internet Education says:

You two made a superb video! If the Gates Foundation or PBS ever seek talent, let them see your good work!

James Carmody says:

God bless you for this wonderful video! Every educator ought to show this to anyone willing to watch it.

I like the music. It makes the video more engaging.

トカゲの財団 says:

Imagine watching this at the beginning of middle school! Still dope though.

bujashaka says:

what's with the music!?!

young shine says:

The music push me out.

D k says:

Very very nice video
It is called as conceptual study

pushpam thavare says:

flawlessss videoooo !!! 🙂

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