Day In The Life Of A Biomedical Research Scientist

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*This video was not made by medical professionals and should NOT be taken as medical advice.


michal s says:

good video except strangely not a word about keeping up with your lab notebook.
Please do a similar video or two but this time esp include showing & explaining, with examples, how-when-where-etc you usually take bits of time out to write notes for & in your lab notebook. And what type stuff to write in the notebook before, during(?), & after you do an experiment (mostly before or after?). And please guesstimate about how much of your lab research time you (maybe ask your lab mates too) spend on your lab notebook (related lab notes elsewhere, & referencing locations of data recorded elsewhere, & etc).


AjxCamera says:

Do you need your PhD to become a Biomedical Research Scientist?

paul masonjo says:

have enjoyed your video,well am also a biomedical scientist working in a research lab under Johns Hopkins Project

Supriyo Paul says:

Hi, I am a computer programmer. I am currently working on a project, I have some questions… can u answer a few?

Markos says:

Your videos are so informative and inspirational! Can't wait to see more!

Aileen Franco says:

What did you major in, in order to qualifier to work as w Biomedical Research Scientist?

Mia’s Hamsters says:

Wow this is so helpful I'm 12 and I want to be a medical research scientist, everyday I'm studying biology chemistry and physics, I got the highest mark in my science test and I'm determined to peruse what I enjoy

Michael Kisselgof says:

How many medical scientists are there in the world? Working on a medical R&D/clinical trial blockchain project. Collecting some stats.

thesuperproify says:

Im a third year student studying double major BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics, this video really helped and made me realise that Science is indeed my passion.  Please keep uploading sir

Mujahed kazi says:

does it pay good?

Danielle says:

This video was great! I just graduated from Biochemistry BSc, and I am currently looking for jobs in microbiology/molecular biology. This video really helped with getting a look into what goes down in a Biomedical lab!

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