My Decision On New Lawn Care Software | Why I decided To Go With Yardbooks & Accepting Credit Cards

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Alrighty so a lot of you guys know I have been looking to take our business software to the next level in our lawn care business. I wanted to share with you guys why I decided to go with Yardbooks, and talk a little about our new lawn care software.

Now this isn’t an endorsement by any means, this is just my personal experience thus far. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to other guys in the industry, especially through social media, about why they’ve adopted Yardbooks.

No one software is going to work for everyone, but based on a friend of mine Jonathan with Florida Turf Pros, I feel like Yardbooks is really going to help us improve our businesses back end. Jonathan and I have a similar work flow after talking to him at length, so I feel very confident adopting Yardbooks as our go-to software for 2018 and beyond.

Hope this video helps you guys and provides a little bit more to the story about why we are personally switching from Square to Yardbooks. I’m always open to hearing your guys feedback, so leave me a comment down! Are you guys utilizing or adopting Yardbooks in 2018, and making the switch? Let me know down below!

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Nicholas s says:

how many people do you employ?

Dave Rolhole says:

Just started trying yardbooks out tonight another thing I like about it is the calculator integrated into it

Dandy Lawn and Maintenance says:

Good choice your going to love it. Using it 3 years now.

Ryan Stefl says:

I can't believe you are just getting a bookkeeping software…I was 12 years old and using quickbooks!

Idaho Lawn Guy says:

Yardbooks is great. One way to explain to new customers is “ We bill two ways, one we collect at time of service or we keep your card on file and bill at the end of the month, which way would you prefer?”

Exjettech 1 says:

Just bought some equipment defender products using your discount. Thanks

Guillermo Suarez says:

Amazing Video!!

gbennett52 says:

One thing to be careful with when using yardbooks. If you look at the P&L. The total income line INCLUDES the sales tax you collected. This means you can't use the total income line at the end of the year to tell the IRS what your income was or you will over report. For example, for a job I charged my client $125 the sales tax was $10.94, the total income line shows they paid $135.94 If I used that line for tax purposes the IRS would think I made more pre-expenses than I did. Other than that I love yardbooks.

Davieslawnservice says:

Brian- Have you used the estimating part to do bigger jobs like mulching? I'm wondering as far as I need 50% up front and the rest when done…I'm not sure how to do the invoicing for that part( billing the credit card)?

Jared King says:

I went to 100% card on file. If the don’t want to do that, they can prepay. If they don’t want to do that, I’d suggest find someone else. I’m not chasing money in 2018.

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC says:

Completely agree with your card on file idea. If you are established like you are ,then it only makes since to go that route. It will make you even more efficient. I also believe in dropping the bottom 10% of customers every year to make room for better ones .

westsidewil says:

Interesting. Thanks for the video.

Lawless 860 says:

Why not just do payment at time of service, and half down on jobs over 1000$

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