How bitcoin futures trading works

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Bitcoin futures are now available for mainstream investors, which is expected to help the cryptocurrency grow because it gives more investors a way to put money in bitcoin with less risk.
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Lionel Hutz says:

I see you got christopher walken as a guest

Danilo Godoy says:

Misleading title

Rimantas V says:

what movie was that? at 0:35

Adrian Beas says:

Does anyone wanna trade usd for any cryptocurrnecy??? Ill pay with paypal.

Del Evans says:

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iamdmc says:

oh god please stop showing the ronny moas clips

Pala Nathan says:

They got this idea from John wick bet on that

Blazed and Confused says:

Do a video on how those gender pronoun hatespeech laws work, please.

jacknifedbl says:

I wish I would have got some when they were cheap….I would be retired now lol…

Папа Дима says:

You did not explain how it works….

GADefence says:

Banks will release digital currencies and then everyone's bit coin will go bye bye.

DataWaveTaGo says:

Bitcoin futures – another bottomless pit.

441rider says:

Beanie babies went to $9000. when ebay started.

John Ecstasy says:

Why would you bet on the future and not just buy the bitcoin lmao

Zoren says:

I think you need like 5 Bitcoin down to do the futures. So its not for your average joe.

Art TV says:

Is it just a bit of a coin in the future? So when does it come together into a whole one? Seems confusing to me.

Nexus Yang says:

So how does futures trading work with Bitcoin? There was nothing in the piece that spoke to how to trade Bitcoin through futures….

Dave Vinci says:

Bitcoin is still cheap.

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