The History of Advertising in 60 Seconds

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The video above provides a 60-second, bird’s-eye view of the evolution of the advertising industry, from ad agencies to brand-building to soap operas to branded content.


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lobreddemon says:

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Aaron Marasigan says:

Advertising is as old as the human condition, but branded product placed ads did not show up until the 18th century when print advertising became the norm. In the eighteen-hundredths, the first billboards and ad agencies began to set up shop. In 1891, companies like Kodak began selling their brand, not just their product. Then, in 1908, new companies like Ford state flashy publicity events and honing the art of looking cool. The soap opera was born when soap companies discover the popularity of radio dramas among women when they do their house plan. The Bulova watches made the first television commercial that cost nine bucks. And when psychologists got involved in the nineteen sixties, focus groups transform the industry into a calculated science, the tactics got a lot less predictable and the budgets got a lot bigger–entered the internet, advertisers were eager to engage the growing network of more than five million users. By the year two thousand, ads were appearing alongside search results driven by consumer interests. Now, advertising is just part of the conversation. For the first time in history, consumers are able to choose the ads they see based on their own taste, and brands are working with publishers to create content, it’s a whole new world.

Neville Contractor says:

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Teddy Crispin says:

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Sholpan Zhambylkyzy says:

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Chris Palengat says:

By far the most important development in this 'history' is the caption 'Skip Ad' at 1:02. This is the future.

Gus Alatriste says:

Y esta será una historia sin fin!

Danijela992 says:

Please, can someone write down everything what narrator says? He is speaking to fast and I can't recognize every word, because english isn't my native language. I really need this for school, and I would be very grateful if someone can help me. 🙂

Florin Moldovanu says:

today it's more advertising than living. Fuck that!

David Malbranque says:

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Ni7e says:

Would anyone else actually appreciate a longer version of this? Sure, you threw a bunch of $hit at us in these 60 seconds, but it's almost incoherent. These "xy in z seconds" videos are way too many…

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