Trey Gowdy Makes A Nuclear Physicist Look Like A Kindergarten Science Teacher

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Trey Gowdy Traps A Nuclear Physicist With Facts & Logic
trey gowdy takes this twerp down easily
so much for being a nuclear physicist automatically makes you smart, gowdy logic too strong.

original broadcast date 1/6/13


Grey Jay says:

Another weasel squirms in his seat.

Joseph Williams says:

Lol! She likes watching Gowdy own!

peter green says:

The lady behind him is really hot

c says:

dude looks like the janitor from zack & cody

Brendan Kremer says:

Uncle Fester, Lurch, Dr. Evil combination.

Taylor Gaston says:

I won't respect trey until he goes goody mode on all abusers republican or dem

Stains2012 says:

The young lady behind Mr Gowdy is stunningly beautiful…
I’m British and we and the U.S needs more people like Mr Gowdy representing the little people, he’s fantastic, I’m really impressed with him…

t m says:

Trey went nuclear on him, I wonder what the fallout will be. He got M.A.D.


Trey Gowdy says it how it is a bit like Trump


Trey is no bullshit good to see very refreshing straight to the point no crap

Peter Jones says:

'An inmate' Magic!

Sherri Vonch says:

And I certainly have no desire to be anything other than direst and truthful w his type of person. I would not want to look a fool….

Sherri Vonch says:

Personally I would not want Gowdy as an enemy….

Sherri Vonch says:

Bottom line everyone messes up and man wouldn't it suck if a perfectionist and damn good at following rules type of person came after you? And yes Gowdy will always be right as he follows the law.

Sherri Vonch says:

The law can be very black and white or it can allow Grace for human error. Point made. Gowdy is awesome….

SwollenRhino says:

that's not a nuclear physicist that's my Pizza man !

BabyBoomerChannel says:

Government Employees have no feeling of responsibility.

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