Pursuing Truth in the Global Economy

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A Conversation with
Ray Dalio
Founder, Bridgewater Associates
Author, Principles
Lawrence H. Summers
Charles W. Eliot University Professor of Harvard University
Co-Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School


j k says:

You guys ever read The Man in the High Castle, Flow my tears the Policeman Said, and my favorite The Simulacra?
You ever hear the name Jacob Frank? Jack Parsons?

Taylor Odenat says:

Has it launched?

rasheeda campbell says:

This is so interesting! I can definitely see the link between Quibbl and Ray!

Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan says:

Really interesting conversation! Checked out quibbl.me and I think it could be a new media outlet where I can stay updated and compete with the experts!

Neha Kulkarni says:

Wow, this is really interesting. Dalio's opinion is super interesting, and Bridgewater is usually ahead of the curve. quibbl.me some fascinating opinions on this and the other current hot trends.

David Tooke says:

Based off of my assumptions and Dalio's insight, I predicted that if the recession were to happen, it would be during 2019. It'll be interesting to see this topic develop on Quibbl's site.

Priya L says:

Ray Dalio is a super interesting character. He often goes against the herd. Great to see a news platform like quibbl.me that is offering a credible data-driven way to see who in the crowd knows what they are talking about vs. a bunch of random people like us debating on YouTube. For what it’s worth, i agree with rays take (as I understood it). A recession could come sooner than people realize. Placed my bet on quibbl

trashyBagles says:

All these elite types just want to predict the economy's collapse because they're desperate to hurt Trump. Definitely going to win on Quibbl when this pans out to be false.

Matthew Samuelson says:

Checked out Quibbl.me and by voting on the same thread I felt like I was interacting with Ray. Hope I'm right and get some points!

Fred Winslow says:

he means it’s an oddity to pursue truth when the amygdala prefers satisfaction based on organism predictive ability
yet truth itself is just a deeper more complex sense of predictive ability that engages the amygdala and the neocortex

odd no

why significant similar question

artifactual yes possible


yet our pursuit of truth of this sort
tends to correlate well with survival of the type ,the amygdala functions on the basis of
so perhaps this is a selected development in neuropsychological function between the primitive and neocortex .
like the wheel or prewheel ingenuity

space travel and the wheel may be just on the same continuum of our ability

and yet who says the limits of our own human intellectual development will reveal truth of Mr Dalios comment ,beyond relative truth

ask your dog

really have been enjoying Mr Dalios cross over to neuroscience in his book
and sharing his work

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