Tour de France 2017. Stage 5. Since the 77th km, to the finish. Victory ceremony.

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Tour de France 2017. Stage 5. Vittel / La planche des belles filles.


Paul Nowicki says:

such a beautiful country and beautiful race

Kazimo says:

AWESOME! Thank-You!

LEE 3 says:

what is bmc thinking???? Sky should be controlling, not them.

Josh Estes says:

with commentary please? thank you!

Ludovic Hilde says:

You are a blessed soul! Thank you for sharing.

remote control says:

Those Sprint jersey girls are the bomb.

Tom Mavrakos says:

fabio aru.spectacular

Tom Mavrakos says:

the homes,rooftops,neighborhoods look so much better there.a beter balance,blend,not all cramped.not 20 different rooftops

Edgar Santana says:

grand merci

The Praying Peripatetic says:

SWEET!!!! thank you!

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