President Trump: ‘Take The Guns Away’

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Trump surprised lawmakers by saying police should have overridden due process to take away Parkland shooter’s guns. Subscribe to HuffPost today:

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john patterson says:

take the guns first , only a psychiatrist has the medical license to diagnosis a mental illness . is the president telling cops they can practice psychiatry without a license , that would leave police officers open to criminal charges and sued for slander . if damages are not paid and the officers not prosecuted then vigilante justice would have to come to bare on the issue . justice for all .

Jaron Lindow says:

If this doesn't make ammosexual Trumpanzees feel cognitive dissonance, nothing will.

lady09giggles says:

I am not pro gun, but I'm against this. This is dangerous territory. I just want to make sure potential dangerous people don't get guns. Not, let's forcibly start taking people's guns away, even though they haven't been charged for anything. Who decides?

sonpacho says:

You have to die to experience karma, right? Would this be irony?

For how many years did single issue sycophants work themselves into a frenzy at any legislation aimed at curbing gun violence? Even though none of the legislation even suggested "taking guns away from people?"

You reap what you sow.

Honestly, I can't think of a group of more deserving people.

Metal Gear says:

It seems apparent that even if you had your guns taken from you that you would be able to get them returned back to you.

You get pulled over for a DWI. You might lose your License but you can still get it back after the fact. So if you have countless incidents of suspicious or criminal activity while also openly confessing to others that you are going to kill ppl then. . . Due process can wait. Just like a DWI.

fangal12 says:

Can you imagine the fit right wingers would have thrown if President Obama said that while in office

Never Soy says:

If rights can be taken away like he suggested, we're all in trouble.

James Oxford says:

without due process and clear standards, it would set up all kind of opportunities for abuses. I'm not even particularly pro-gun.

Cherri Zirkel says:

That's not good

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