Deadliest Catch Simulator – EXTREME FISHING

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Giving Fishing Barents Sea a go in today’s episode of what am I doing!
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Mr. Awesome says:

Discord don’t work I can’t chat with you

Mobile Maniac says:

Aww I’m 2 days late but I used to watch that show about 6 or 7 years ago

Exoticloverscanada says:

Its the real one not this fake one

Exoticloverscanada says:

They have a deadliest catch game for ps3

Nuce says:

0:15 flashbacks of bad shit crazy

CPU says:

i got banned from your discord :/

Brice Hedy says:

Plz make another video

skully HD says:

I was born in Alaska

Caleb Smith says:

Speirs I love you so much. My parents are always fighting and now they might get a divorce and I’m crying a lot always thinking about it. Even in the saddest times that I got through your gods always make me laugh. Thank you so much. Love you!

Frantzen96 says:

It is in Norway

powcar91 says:

Should have named your character Herbie Hind.

SmellySnowBalls says:

it's Norway, not sweeden or germany :p

Jurassic park guy says:

Ennis is a real place in Texas.

Cryo Seas says:

Your videos are 10/10 amazing loved it

Notty VonDutch says:

This is what Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm should of been.

No Scoper95 says:

Make this a serious

jason riggien says:

More please

Lui Hernandez says:

i like this you should make more vids on it

iWOLF_1998 says:

Stop the engine So annoying

The Asatru Iowan says:

Hey, my uncle's on deadliest catch, really the only reason I watch the show

Nick Parma says:

Try and drive out as far as possible

Daydaygaming717 Anderson says:

Spears will you get on GTA five voice chat on the disport tomorrow please

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