Besiege – Millennium Falcon

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Another Star Wars build that flies similarly to a brick. Was hoping to cover up most of the frame, but every attempt made it look clunky and weird. For now, I will leave it as it is, with its skeleton showing.

I’m using a rocket mod to provide the thrust, there are propellers inside for lift and spinning wheels are used to control the flight.

song used: Mean Streetz by MK2

link to machine:

link to mods:


WhackyCast says:

My CPU doesn't like you. Awesome build yet again!

TheGuysYouDespise says:

Nice! I'm a sucker for Star Wars stuff! It's a bit thick on the front but that's nothing major.

KVNWL says:

Hey Twist!
You make very nice Videos, got ma Like and Sub!
Check out my Channel if you want 🙂

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